The 254

Cade Kegerreis

By Kevin Tankersley

Artistic Freedom

Cade Kegerreis has heard the advice from those “well into the art industry,” that he needs to settle on one style or maybe one medium before his work can be shown in serious galleries.

So far, he’s ignoring that advice.

“I think that what makes me different is the ability to play with all of those avenues, and I don’t know if making a decision on one path is the right thing yet,” he said. “It may be later, but right now, I like the freedom of not having to pick a style.”

Kegerreis is a painter and photographer, and he also makes videos. He attended Rapoport Academy’s Meyer High School in Waco and did some painting as a senior. At the encouragement of his high school art teacher, John Storm, Kegerreis decided to major in studio art at Baylor University, with an emphasis on photography. He took an acrylic painting class that didn’t give him a creative spark, but an oil painting class with Winter Rusiloski, assistant professor of art, “opened up a new world for me that semester,” he said.

“I’ve painted every single day for the past four years since then. And it’s just a daily craving, that if I don’t get some painting done, I’m kind of going crazy.”

If Kegerreis has to choose between photography and painting, it’s “whatever gives me the most artistic freedom” at the time, he said.

Kegerreis got his professional start in photography, doing senior portraits and family photos.

“That was great, to get my name out there and get experience and exposure, but there just wasn’t as much artistic freedom,” he said.

He finds more freedom in painting and in making videos. He shot, edited and co-directed a music video for the song “Revive” by Waco-based hip-hop artist Ariaa, when the singer was signed to Republic Records.

“That was really cool to be a part of,” Kegerreis said. “He’s still local and making his name. We get together and shoot probably once a month just to keep his stuff up to date and keep our relationship strong.”

The Ariaa video, as well as painting and photography by Kegerreis, can be seen at his website, In Waco, his work can be seen at White Elephant, 1025 Austin Avenue.

Kegerreis is planning a move to Fort Worth, where he’ll be painting among other artists at the Galleywinter Gallery. The gallery is owned by his uncle, the musician Pat Green, who is also an accomplished artist, working as a painter and sculptor.

Kegerreis said the toughest part of being a full-time artist is handling the business side of the enterprise, something he didn’t study at Baylor.

“One thing I could have done to make it better for myself is take a business class or entrepreneurship class or accounting class,” he said. “I learned those things through experience rather than courses. And I’m definitely not business-inclined but just constantly learning from family members, friends, clients, and taking those steps to do things right.”

“Art History Red”

Currently available at White Elephant, “Art History Red” shows the evolution of various styles of art, beginning with some old masters and ending at the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring.

“This one I’ve definitely set back and brought forward for quite a few months,” he said. “It was at a time that I was a little busier than I had been before. This was my getaway piece at night, when I just needed something to work on that wasn’t required for anyone else. I put in maybe 80 to 100 hours total” on the painting.