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Double TruckCall for Pricing
Full Page$1,395$1,365 $1,295$1,125
Junior Page$895$865$825$795
One-Half Page$825$795$750$715
One-Sixth Horizontal$450$435$415$400

Display Advertising Sizes

(Width x Height)

1- Double Truck-Bleed*102p x 66p917 x 11.125
2- Full Page-Bleed**51p9 x 66p98.625 x 11.125
3- Full Page45p3 x 58p37.542 x 9.708
4- Two-Thirds29p8 x 56p34.944 x 9.375
5- Junior Page29p8 x 41p24.944 x 6.861
6- One-Half Page45p3 x 27p97.542 x 4.625
7- One-Third-Vertical14p1 x 56p32.347 x 9.375
8- One-Third-Block29p8 x 27p94.944 x 4.625
9- One-Fourth21p8 x 26p113.620 x 4.490
10- One-Sixth Horizontal29p8 x 14p44.944 x 2.389

* Double Truck Trim Size: 16.75″ x 10.875″ Please allow 0.625″ minimum within trim for live area.
** Full Page Trim Size: 8.375″ x 10.875″ Please allow 0.625″ minimum within trim for live area.


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Online Advertising

The Wacoan offers cost-effective online advertising options for its 12-time customers. Contact one of our account executives for more information.

SizePixels (WxH)Locations
Full Width Banner*1425 x 125 (desktop)
400 x 200 (mobile)
This ad area is featured on the homepage, magazine, events, and pics & videos main pages
Masthead Banner555 x 100This ad area is featured in the masthead of every page
Half Page Ad420 x 840This ad area is featured on internal individual pages
Standard Ad420 x 420This ad area is featured on the home page and internal individual pages

*Please note, the web ad sizes are responsive and ads will scale depending on screen size and device. For best results on all devices your ad should be readable when scaled down by 50%. For the full width banner two ad sizes are needed, one for desktop views and one for mobile devices.

Insertion Orders and Materials

254.772.5540 or 888.772.5540
254.772.2272 fax
919-C N. Valley Mills Dr., Suite 1000
Waco, Texas 76710

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Psychographic Readership Profile

Our readers are well-educated, high income earning men and women. They are the most affluent members of our community. They have been successful enough in their own endeavors to have the time and resources to give back to the place we call home.

They are typically between 25 and 55 years of age, enjoy a reasonable amount of disposable income and share a sense of responsibility to make our community a better place to live. They are interested in knowing what amenities are available here, as well as who else has joined the effort to improve our quality of life.

Controlled Circulation

A controlled circulation magazine of 25,000, the WACOAN is distributed monthly in concentrated, targeted areas of our community where our affluent readers live and work. In addition to major book and food stores, the WACOAN is available in high-end retail establishments, medical facilities, professional waiting rooms, restaurants, chambers of commerce, hotels and corporate relocation packages.

Our professional, full-time circulation staff uses a computerized allocation system ensuring that your advertising message is getting into the hands of potential customers.

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