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The WACOAN has been Waco’s city magazine since 2000. Locally owned and published monthly, we are your guide for personal stories from our community, shopping, events and entertainment, neighborhoods and dining. Our curated content and beautiful designs can be read in print and digital, and featured items can be seen across our social media platforms. We bring you the untold story, where the others leave off.

WACOAN isn’t just the name of our magazine, it’s who we are, and we take pride in that.

Advertising opportunities consist of:

  • WACOAN Magazine
    Get seen in the printed pages of the WACOAN magazine alongside premium content which helps boost your brand. New issues every month, local articles, monthly departments and themed special sections help boost your business. Your ads are also seen online in our FREE digital edition at
    With a high regional reach and repeat monthly visitors, reach our readers with digital ads, high impact placements, pop-ups and sponsored content.
  • WACOAN Social Media
    We have a strong local readership that follow us and our Waco focused content to stay in the know. Partner advertising opportunities and sponsorships are available.
  • WACOAN Newsletter
    We focus on local stories and events to provide our readers a newsletter that they want to read. Partner advertising opportunities and sponsorships are available.
  • WACOAN Podcasts
    Coming soon, The People of the 254 and Women of the 254 podcasts will take those departments off the pages and explore them a step further with in-depth and
    curious questions. Both podcasts will be promoted in the magazine, on social media and our website. Partner advertising opportunities and sponsorships are available.

To learn more about our advertising opportunities please contact us.

Published Monthly

With a combined print and digital circulation of 20,000+ per issue and over 100+ strategically targeted racks in town including key locations such as Baylor games, Magnolia, key hotels, H-E-Bs, Walmarts, doctor’s offices and boutiques, our magazine gets read by WACOANS & visitors looking for services, products, shops, restaurants and events. With a 140k+ reach across our social media platforms and an average of 13k monthly visitors on you also gain access to our extended audience.

Visitors make up a newer segment of our readership as they are interested in knowing where to shop, eat and be entertained while in Waco. 1.94+ million average yearly visitors to Waco in the last 5 years is an audience worth reaching.

Our Readers

  • Typically between 25 and 65 years of age from various cultural backgrounds and professions.
  • Well-educated, high income earning men and women who are supportive of local businesses and seek to promote the local economy.
  • Affluent members of our community who actively participate in local events and organizations.
  • Enjoy a reasonable amount of disposable income and are socially conscious, supporting local charities and non-profit organizations.
  • Interested in a variety of amenities around Waco, including events, dining and shopping.
  • Highly engaged, and on average read all 12 issues of the Wacoan, keeping each issue over 2.5 weeks.

“I just wanted to drop a quick note that says how much I loved the People of the 254 article. Y’all do such an amazing job for Waco and my wife and I love the Wacoan. This article was top notch, consistent with all you do. Thanks for making Waco a better city.”

Mayor of Waco

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2023 Digital Insights

We are proud to be Waco’s Magazine and proud of the substantial growth we’ve had with our online presence. Boosting our readership across both print and digital is not just a benefit to us, but to our advertisers. Please browse the end of year report and in-depth look into the metrics behind our digital platforms.

Ad Info and Delivery

THE PREFERRED WAY to send us files is by uploading them at our simple and secure portal at

Ad Material DISCLAIMER: The WACOAN is dedicated to quality print production. Please check to make sure submitted ads meet all specifications and deadlines. We do not recommend using Canva and similar social media focused applications for print design. They are not standard industry/publication software and do not easily produce print-ready artwork for offset printing presses. We check every ad sent in but cannot be held responsible for materials that are not in accordance with specifications.

Acceptable File Formats

PDF/X-1A:2001 — The PDF must be made from a PostScript file with all fonts and high-resolution images embedded. Ensure that the color space is CMYK and all elements are a minimum of 300 dpi and 100% in size. We also accept 300dpi CMYK JPG or TIFF files in 100% size.

General Info

  • Publication Trim Size: 8.375” x 10.875”
  • Safety: 0.625” from trim on all sides
  • Bleed: 0.125” beyond trim on all sides
  • Image Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Color Space: CMYK ONLY