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My love for Waco and the people of this community began over twenty-one years ago.

Advertising with The Wacoan allows me to support another locally-grown business that has stayed true to our shared small-town roots. This partnership helps Spice Village and other local businesses maintain our connection to the wonderful people who helped make us what we are today.

Jennifer Wilson, Commander of Chaos & Owner, Spice Village

Expanding ADORN Boutique from Austin to Waco,

We were hopeful to attract Waco locals to the shop and the Downtown area. The Wacoan has helped to immerse us into this new and ever-growing community!

Denae Heaton, Assistant Manager, Adorn Boutique

Camille Johnson

The WACOAN Magazine has been a huge asset in my business. Their beautiful ads have helped market my homes in an effective manner since 2004.

I can attribute much of my business from people seeing my monthly ad, giving my homes great exposure to all of Waco. The quality of their magazine, the quality of the pictures that they take of my homes and the creative manner that they put the ads together have been a terrific boost to my business. The entire staff of the WACOAN are so helpful and hardworking. They keep me on track with my ad copy and gently remind me of the deadlines. We have developed a wonderful partnership. I feel that they are a major component of my marketing plan in getting my homes sold. We also love to give a copy of the WACOAN to people transferring to Waco. They are always impressed with the magazine and in turn, they are impressed with Waco. The WACOAN has truly been a wonderful asset to me!

Camille Johnson, Realtor

We have people coming in with our WACOAN ad asking for the items we have featured.

Cassie Rowntree, The Gift Horse

We are finding that newcomers to Waco are finding us through a combination of WACOAN and their insurance plans.

Stacie Layne Virden, OD, FAAO, Waco Vision Source


Through the creativity and dependability of the WACOAN staff, I have been able to grow and promote my locally owned company, Bluebonnet Health Services.

My relationship with the WACOAN began over 12 years ago. My plan was to connect to the community and surrounding areas through a respected medium. What I received in return is more than I ever anticipated. The home health care and hospice message is delicate and personal and the WACOAN helps me achieve the desired balance for this conversation. The WACOAN has been my major source of visibility. Michelle and her team always go above and beyond for me. Without a doubt, I believe the WACOAN is the heartbeat of Waco.

Holley and Mark Walsh, Bluebonnet Health Services

Korpi Posture & Alignment Therapy

I’m getting more calls than ever from new people moving into town and reading the WACOAN.

The magazine is getting a lot of new readers from people moving into town, making it an even more valuable place to advertise.

Deborah Korpi, Korpi Posture & Alignment Therapy


The WACOAN is a solid publication filled with beautiful pages supporting local stories and interesting editorials.

The staff is easy to work with, and the production quality is top notch.

Peggy Smolen, Independent Bank


The WACOAN has a beautiful aesthetic with content that reaches our community’s thought leaders, so it is a key element in our marketing mix.

However, I didn’t fully realize the influence of your magazine until I received a call from a parent who was seeking a new college option for this son. He had our WACOAN ad in his hand and read the copy to me right from the page! Thank you for helping us reach this family that was seeking a high-quality, affordable alternative for their son’s university education. We have a new student—and the WACOAN has an even bigger fan!

Kim Patterson, University Center at McLennan Community College


Honestly, we are not expecting people to see our ad and call immediately.

What we envision is because of our ad our name will come to mind when the time comes for a podiatrist, and they will choose Waco Foot & Ankle. That’s why we advertise each month.

Waco Foot & Ankle

We’ve had a surge of out-of-town shoppers who’ve told us they’d seen our ads in the WACOAN while staying at local hotels.

Just for You Antiques & Interiors

Cen-Tex Roofing

The Expert Advice page has been a huge success for our company, as far as getting our company name out to the public.

Since being a contributor for the Expert page, our sales have increased, not only in the roofing aspect, but also on home improvement. I have had people in our community and the surrounding communities approach me to comment on the articles they have read and look forward to the next month’s article. Cen-Tex Roof Systems has also received numerous calls concerning our articles. I highly recommend advertising in the WACOAN.

Tony LeNoir, Cen-Tex Roof Systems

Kindler’s Gem Jewelers

The WACOAN is a great magazine for hometown customers and visitors to our community.

It is our pleasure to highlight our beautiful and unique jewelry and gems in the WACOAN each month. Customers share that they look for our ads in every issue. What a compliment! They know something good is coming!

Gerda, Jan & Tammi, Kindler’s Gem Jewelers

Waco Body Sculpt

All we can say is, ‘It works!’ As a new business in Waco, we are trying to walk a fine line.

How do we get our name out to the citizens of Central Texas without spending too much money? So we decided to run a small ad in the WACOAN. And it worked. We have seen a large increase in both phone inquiries and sales, which has given us more name-recognition and more business volume. Janyce, Katherine and I have been impressed with the staff, the process and the final product of our WACOAN experience. Give them (and us!) a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Nancy Baird, Waco Body Sculpt

Schwartz Design Center

Centex and Schwartz Design Center have been advertisers and supporters of the WACOAN and its predecessor magazines, Etc. and Discover, from Volume 1/Issue 1.

The tenure of our relationship with the magazine is due to the fact that I believe a high-quality, community-focused magazine, with editorial content relevant to its readership, is the ideal place for us to deliver our message to current and potential clients.

I know the WACOAN delivers because of feedback I have gotten over the years. For example, on one recent occasion, a mother and daughter, whom I had never met, came into the store for the first time. They were looking for rugs and were seeking a wide selection from which to choose. They were clearly happy to have discovered us and ended up purchasing several pieces. As they were leaving, I asked how they had found us, and they replied that they had seen our ad in the WACOAN.

One of the best aspects of owning a store is getting to meet new people and make new friends, and when they choose to become clients, it’s all the more gratifying. The WACOAN is our valued partner in this pursuit, and our sales rep, Beth Raymond, is terrific! Not only does she continuously go above and beyond in her service to us as a client, but her ideas and advice are always helpful and well considered.

John Schwartz, Schwartz Design Center

Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shops

I really enjoy reading the WACOAN, and I see my customers reading it too.

Over the years my sales rep, Julie, has always been so helpful in making my experience a pleasant one. I hear many comments about our ads and everyone loves seeing the yearly Best of Waco issue. I am so glad to be a part of such a wonderful local magazine.

Nelson Rue, Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shops


The ads Boozer’s has run in the WACOAN get great feedback. The quality of the magazine and the readers are second to none.

The Best of Waco issue really does reflect what businesses stand out, and they help with that tremendously due to their quality. Thanks again for everything.

Brad Boozer, Boozer’s

Staci Willis Hines

Having recently opened not just one but two gift and home décor stores, I have my plate full on a daily basis. Great results, attention to detail, and impactful creative marketing are a MUST!

The WACOAN has consistently delivered beautiful ads that successfully showcase my retail vision. Often I have first-time customers walk in with the WACOAN in hand ready to shop. Thanks, WACOAN! I look forward to a long, fun, and beneficial relationship!

Staci Willis Hines, The Blue Horse/Covet Antiques & Treasures


I have done it all through the years concerning advertising, but what everyone writes down when they come for their first visit is that they saw the ad in the WACOAN.

This magazine is still the #1 place people see my ad after 6 years!

Amy Peper, Nugenesis


Before I even saw my ad in the magazine, I was getting phone calls.

A week later, I was still getting new clients. The ad changed my demographic and attracted new customers. I’ve had people say they’re excited they don’t have to drive to a Nordstorm to find casual cocktail wear.

Lacy Gaines, G2 by Georgio’s

Cobb Family Dentistry

The entire staff at the WACOAN Magazine has worked tirelessly to create beautiful ads for our dental practice.

They are appreciative of our business, great with reminders of upcoming issues, prompt with communication, and they are helpful throughout the whole design process each month. The ads have drawn many new patients to our office, both for general dentistry and for Invisalign®. The WACOAN staff portrays this great city in such an appealing format each month and we are so proud to be a small part of such a top-notch publication.

Nick Cobb, DDS, and April Cobb, Heart of Texas Smiles


Pics & Gifts has advertised in the WACOAN for a number of years.

We decided to change our ad size and placement recently and noticed an increased number of customers coming into our store for the first time and mentioning that they saw our ad in the WACOAN. We love working with the staff and ad designers!

Kristina Schlottmann, Pics & Gifts


I have been so pleased with the results from my ad campaign in WACOAN Magazine.

My goal was to reach a multitude of people from all walks of life across Waco and surrounding areas. The WACOAN offers something of interest for every reader with Events, Food and Drinks, Style, At Home, etc. The content, paired with a wide distribution area and high level of circulation, makes it a wonderful place to highlight your business or services.

Amanda Nesbitt, Kelly, Realtors

Hollico Foam

As an insulating contractor I mainly deal with building contractors. The WACOAN and their advertising team helped me reach customers on an individual bases.

I received many calls and emails for leads to do jobs for homeowners in the month I advertised with the WACOAN. Sarah Gonzales and her team have the best interest for my company and have helped me grow. Thank you, WACOAN, and I will continue to do business with you.

David Hollingsworth, Hollico Foam

Custom Creations

Advertising in itself can be pretty rough for a small business. We have tried a little bit of everything here at Custom Creations.

We have tried commercials through radio and local television with no luck. We have even tried putting ads in athletic programs with multiple high schools and even Baylor University without so much as a bite of business from it. Then we decided to try advertising in the WACOAN publication. Finally! Success!! Within a week we had four customers come in to place orders, and we just happened to ask them how they heard of our company. They said they had seen our ad in the WACOAN! Honestly, after all of the trial and error with other advertising, it was great to hear that something finally worked!

Lisa Austin, Custom Creations

Coreopsis Décor And Gifts

Throughout our first year of business as a locally owned gift and home décor store, the WACOAN Magazine has been instrumental in establishing our standing in the Waco retail market and community.

All of our advertisements in the WACOAN were handled with care and consideration by an attentive and creative staff, who strive to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their advertising product. The appealing ads have definitely paid off, and continue to do so, as we regularly hear from customers that our latest advertisement in the WACOAN caught their eye. The WACOAN is clearly a community enhancing publication, one in which we are proud to play a role, and we look forward to continue to do so for many years to come.

Leandra and Lee Humphreys, Owners, Coreopsis Décor And Gifts

Janek Moving

For the past fifteen years, we have tried every conceivable form of advertising (magazines, phone book, billboards, commercials, etc.) and have received little–if any–results. Then we tried the WACOAN.

What a difference it has made! Besides a beautiful magazine with amazing ads, our business definitely sees an increase in response and revenue every time we advertise. The staff is very helpful at designing and keeping our ads appealing and current, as well as constantly staying in contact with us about upcoming specials and issues that we may be interested in. We are proud to advertise in the WACOAN and enjoy the relationships that have developed over the past four years of advertising with this great local magazine.

Sean Medlin, Janek Moving

Over the past 5 years we have advertised in the WACOAN magazine to help grow our skincare business at Sanger Avenue Aesthetics. We have found the staff at the WACOAN to be highly professional and honest.

They have provided us with proven marketing ideas, together with outstanding implementation. They have assisted us in creating some phenomenal advertising. We are truly grateful to the WACOAN for the positive return on our advertising dollars.

Harriet Horner, Sanger Avenue Aesthetics

Waco Neonatal Group
I met Darrell Wheeler while attending the University of Connecticut. He was a senior, I a junior. We lived in the same dorm where we became good friends and eventually began dating. A native Texan, Darrell moved back to Texas upon graduating to pursue his childhood dream – to attend medical school. Somehow I knew this man would someday be my future husband, and upon my graduation I moved to Texas. I worked as an Accountant, and he began his medical school career. We married on June 25, 1983, in between his second and third year of medical school. His dream of helping sick babies never wavered. After trying to have a baby for five years, I became pregnant with twins during his residency training. We were devastated when I went into labor prematurely and lost both babies at 20 weeks gestation. Determined to have a family, we tried again and a year later was pregnant…again with twins. Our doctors told us that we probably wouldn’t have any more children and yet a blessing eighteen months later…another son.

Our children learned their father’s dedication from birth, he worked every holiday and was gone long hours. At the time they did not understand his purpose in life – a gift God had given him. He had three healthy children. There were people who needed his help.

Completing his neonatal fellowship in Houston, Dr. Wheeler saw a need to open a NICU in Waco, Texas. In 1990, he moved our family, and together with Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center and an unbelievable staff they have provided care to over 8000 babies born premature or ill. For twenty two years he was the only full-time neonatologist. This meant alot of missed school functions and family time, but his hands and his heart were where they needed to be. Today our children truly appreciate the sacrifices that their daddy made, so that other babies could be with their families.

Dr. Wheeler wanted to share with the Waco Community stories of babies who were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Hillcrest; some who were so sick or so little that it was by the grace of God that they survived.

Two years ago, the vision we saw came to life in the WACOAN. Their talented staff brought to light the life of a baby(ies) and family which began in the NICU. We are so happy that families are wanting to share their experiences… to let others know what they went through and to see those baby(ies) today and what they are doing.

Our children are grown and have left home to pursue their dreams. We eat out more than we should, but love it when families come up to us and introduce their beautiful child(ren) who was/were in the NICU. People tell us they look forward to each month’s story in the WACOAN. We feel very humbled, and sometimes very old to see these young adults whom you would never guess were at one time struggling to live. Actually, my husband is taking care of babies whose parent was in the NICU many years ago. Yes we are getting older – but the journey, the smiles, and the accomplishments of these premies and/or sick babies is beyond words.

For as long as he can, my husband will give 110% to his job. He is blessed to have an amazing team of dedicated and talented nurses, therapists and support staff who are his lifeline without whom, he could not do what he does. As for me, I have been and will continue to be my husband’s office manager. In addition, I am doing all that I can, in whatever capacity to support the March of Dimes. As a “team”, our dream is that one day, all babies will be born healthy.

Donna Wheeler, Waco Neonatal Group

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