Waco Dam

Waco Lake Hike and Bike Trail

The first time I took the trek down to the bottom of the Waco Dam, I was hot, irritated and annoyed that my friends dragged me on a long walk in the sun. Little did I know what was waiting for me was so completely worth it and would become my main reason to love Waco. Due to the low water levels, Lake Waco turns into a Mars-like terrain perfect for climbing, escaping from reality and watching stunning sunsets.

Some may argue with me, but I think this is the top sunset watching venue in Waco.

I could spend hours out there walking along the shore, reading and finding fun treasures; it’s the best. As Texas weather seems to remain constantly hot, I’m sure I’ll get to enjoy a few more scenes of the summer sun melting into my own little Mars island. Texas sunsets are simply the best. — Grace Elander

Reader’s Tip: Parking is all the way down Airport Boulevard on the left.

Waco Lake Hike and Bike Trail

Parking lot hours are 6am—10pm
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