Sunshine Recovery House

Helping Women — One Second Chance at a Time

With a mission to support women in recovery from substance abuse, Sunshine Recovery House provides a second chance for someone’s daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, wife and mother. The Board and Executive Director serve the organization as volunteers. The staff and volunteers use their life experiences and education to help women start their journey of freedom. They’ve been there, so they know how important the work they do is. SRH provides residents with an affordable, safe, clean space to live and grow. When needed, they help supply food and basic living essentials. In most cases, sources of addiction can be traced back to traumatic experiences. In order for people to heal from these experiences they need accountability and counseling. Sunshine requires residents to actively work the 12 Steps of Recovery and seek counseling as needed. With a goal to help women take their place as thriving contributors to society, they collaborate with local businesses to find employment opportunities. While the organization is self-sustaining, the 100+-year-old home is in continual need of substantial repairs.

Sunshine Recovery House