Methodist Children’s Home

The mission of Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) is to equip children, youth and families to flourish by offering hope through Christ-centered relationships, services and support. As an evidence-based, trauma-informed and mission-centric organization, MCH focuses on the holistic growth of each individual through spiritual, physical and educational opportunities.

Founded in Waco in 1890, MCH serves youth through residential care on the 130-acre Waco campus, and youth with more specialized, complex needs at the 500-acre MCH Boys Ranch in Axtell. Residents and day students attend an accredited charter school on the Waco campus. Students participate in spiritual development, athletics, Future Farmers of America (FFA), and the Outdoor Education program, which also offers free training and activities to the greater Waco community. A soon-to-be-completed vocational building on the Waco campus will offer woodworking, welding and a number of trade-certificate programs.

In 14 locations across Texas and New Mexico, MCH Family Outreach serves individuals and families through community-based programs. The MCH Family Outreach Center at 524 W Waco Drive provides parent education, case management, connection with valued community partners, free professional counseling, and help for individuals and families facing challenges. Services are designed to help meet the needs of families with one or more children between ages 0 to 17 with the primary goal of strengthening the family and helping each member flourish.

Graduates from high school under the care of MCH, including youth served through MCH Family Outreach and those in the Independent Living program, can apply for scholarship assistance to attend a community college, university or technical school. MCH provides transitional support services for youth ages 17-26 as they adjust to living independently and pursue advanced education, job training or employment.

As an independent 501(c)(3) organization, MCH fulfills its mission through collaborations with likeminded organizations and the support of generous benefactors.

Methodist Children’s Home

1111 Herring Avenue