Compassion Ministries

Giving Homeless Families Hope

Compassion has been giving homeless families hope for 25 years. This proven program based on mentorship, teaching accountability and personal responsibility has helped hundreds of homeless families in Waco obtain full-time employment and permanent housing. Parents with children accepted into the Compassion program move into a private apartment in the Compassion Hope House on Austin Avenue. With daily help from an on-site case manager, parents immediately start looking for full-time employment. Case managers also assist with needed job skills training or additional education. Parents meet weekly with a volunteer mentor to learn important budgeting skills and financial responsibility. Families at Compassion pay rent commensurate to their income, and are expected to meet established goals. Families graduate from Compassion after six months with an emergency savings account and the skills they need to keep their family from becoming homeless again. Since 1994, Compassion has helped families end the cycle of homelessness by creating a stable home environment for their children.

Compassion Ministries

1421 Austin Avenue