Charity Champions

Empowering Charities and Transforming Lives

Helping those who help others. This core belief has been at the heart of everything TFNB Your Bank for Life has done for the past 135 years, and it’s what drives their “Charity Champions” initiative. The program was created to empower local charities, celebrate the bank’s long-standing commitment to the community, and showcase the impact that can be made when we all come together to help one another.

Charity Champions was established in 2014 to commemorate the bank’s 125th anniversary, and to benefit the charitable organizations in the Central Texas community. Various types of nonprofit organizations have been equipped over the years to carry out their mission and make a positive impact on the community thanks to the Charity Champion program.

To qualify for the program, organizations must have a service office located in McLennan County and must be nominated on the charitychampions.org website. Being selected as a TFNB Your Bank for Life Charity Champion comes with several benefits including a live, on-field/court presentation at a Baylor University home game, video presentations about the organization, a radio interview during the Baylor Alumni Network Tailgate Show, exposure on social media, marketing and grant writing interns and leadership development for the staff and volunteers provided by 360 Solutions.

After 10 years of the program, 57 organizations have been recognized as TFNB Your Bank for Life Charity Champions, showcasing the success of the initiative in supporting and empowering local charities in the Central Texas community. Join TFNB Your Bank for Life in celebrating the power of community and making a difference in the world. Visit their website or follow them on social media to stay up to date on all the amazing things they are doing in our community.

Charity Champions

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