With Conviction

By Elizabeth Barnhill

Madison Prewett Troutt’s new book brings scripture to readers looking for love

One of Waco’s newest residents, Madison Prewett Troutt, is bringing a young and fresh perspective on what it means to find the true love of your life.

Troutt grew up in Alabama and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in communications. Following her time at Auburn, she earned her certificate in ministry and pastoral leadership through Church of the Highlands.

Her life took an unexpected turn when she made it to the finals of “The Bachelor”, where her faith and convictions were evident to viewers.

Troutt professes to love communicating through both speaking and writing. Following her success on “The Bachelor”, Troutt was approached by Christian publishing powerhouse Zondervan to write the Christian living book that launched her writing career.

Troutt approaches writing much like she does speaking engagements about her faith.

She said, “It starts with a conviction. A passion to get a certain theme or message out there and then build around that. How do I want to back this up? What’s the research, the Scripture? Then once I have a really good foundation, I start to build my story into it and include practical next steps. But it’s always something that God has laid on my heart that I feel compelled to share with people.”

Troutt does not use a ghostwriter and reports that writing books takes an incredible amount of discipline and vulnerability.

“I would say vulnerability does not come very easily to me,” Troutt shared. “I actually find in writing, I can be very vulnerable, honest and real. I throw it out there for everybody to see. It’s been a beautiful journey of healing. I pour my heart and soul into my books. By the end of a writing day, I’m pretty drained emotionally.”

Troutt’s first book, “Made for this Moment: Standing Firm with Strength, Grace, and Courage”, was inspired by the story of Esther in the Bible. Especially meaningful to her is the verse Esther 4:14, “maybe you’ve been called to your royal position for such a time as this.”

Troutt stated, “This verse was on my heart even before I was on ‘The Bachelor’. I really felt deep in my heart that God was wanting to raise up Esthers all over the world. I wanted to encourage readers as well as challenge them to be ready for the times in life that are filled with pressures and decisions they need to make and to help readers turn pressure from the world into power for their soul. We were all born into this time for a reason.”

Following the success of “Made for this Moment”, Troutt was single and living in Dallas. There, she began to write her second book, “The Love Everybody Wants: What You’re Looking For Is Already Yours”, which was eventually published by WaterBrook & Multnomah. She based it on the greatest commandments, which are to first love God, then love others. While writing, she was praying that God would lead her to her soulmate.

Troutt recalls feeling anxious to find the love of her life.

“It was in that moment that God reminded me that this love that I was looking for, a love that would meet all of my needs and fulfill all of my desires and longings, to make me feel less lonely and more whole, could only be found in Him,” she said. “It wasn’t until I started loving and living from that place of making God the most important love of my life that I was able to learn through confidence and contentment and peace.”

She began to write the book when she was single but finished it after she married her husband, Grant Troutt, who is the young adult pastor at Harris Creek Baptist Church.

Troutt explained, “I was able to write the book from different perspectives when it comes to relationships — single, dating, engaged and married — so there is something for every reader.”

There are QR codes in each chapter that make the book more interactive.

“I thought it would be a great way to break up the lessons,” said Troutt. “The QR codes can direct readers to a worship playlist or videos of me teaching 10-minute sermons. I also have a couple of prayers in there where I’m just praying over readers. I had never seen it done before and I was excited about trying out the concept. It’s been cool to see the response. It’s something that I’ve been tagged on often on my social media platforms. Different people are blessed by the graphics, the playlists or the prayers. I’m really glad that I decided to add them.”

Troutt credits Christian lifestyle authors such as Jennie Allen and Lysa Terkeurst with mentoring her both in life and in her writing.

“Lysa Terkeurst played a big role in my first book,” she recalled. “I took her writing course and then continued asking her questions; she helped so much with so many different things.”

Troutt has been able to market her books through her large social media platform as well as speaking engagements at churches and universities.

She and her husband moved to Waco in late 2022 and have enjoyed plugging in with their church and life group. She is working on her next book through WaterBrook & Multnomah.