WACOAN at Home: Oct 2022

By Gretchen Eichenberg

Waco Homes - Oct 2022

Designer: Kristi Kane, Waco Carpet Co.
Project: Kitchen & Pantry
Clients: Steven and Jennifer Ray, Crawford, Texas

A chef’s kitchen with three islands, upgraded appliances and a spaciously organized and beautiful pantry helped transform the busiest room in a modern ranch house in Crawford.

“The goal was to create a kitchen that was easy to use and looked amazing,” designer Kristi Kane said. “The client needed practical work space and an area large enough for guests to enjoy.”

It started with an empty room which was then designed around three large islands to achieve the desired functionality.

“We selected beautiful countertops, one being a lovely onyx that is backlit and really makes a statement,” Kane said. “We used antique old Chicago brick for the walls. The brick added texture and warmth to the room. We decided on a dark contrasting cabinet paint that added a lot of depth.”

Open, airy lighting fixtures add to the beauty, but don’t distract — creating balance for the charming room.

The glass display area also serves as a pass-through to the dining room for serving a meal that was prepared with efficiency and ease in a kitchen with all the amenities.

Photos by Jennifer Pisarcik, icometotheephotograaphy.com

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