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Sara Lockett

By Kevin Tankersley

Sara Lockett

Mission Waco Donation Health Clinic Director

“The big three that we see is mental health, hypertension and diabetes.”

The clinic started in 2005, when the building was purchased. It’s at 1216 Washington, on the corner of Washington and 13th Street. The clinic is half the building. The other half of the building is all the social services.

It used to be a church building. The sanctuary is still there, minus the beautiful stained glass windows. The church took that with them, but it can still be rented out for weddings and things. The clinic is immediately downstairs in what I believe was the old fellowship hall.

We have several licensed professional social workers, a licensed professional counselor, and we have a local attorney come in and do a legal clinic once a month.

Downstairs, there are showers for men and women, washers and dryers, there is a full kitchen and eating area. So the building services a lot of the needs of homeless, but the clinic is not just necessarily for the homeless.

We see a lot of working poor. Mom and dad both are working two part time jobs, because if you have a part time worker, you don’t have to pay benefits. The clinic provides services for those who do not have a primary care (physician) yet.

We see a lot of people who are just out of jail. They get sent home with maybe two weeks’ worth of medicine. We also see some people that are getting connected with MHMR, but have not yet been connected so they can see us before they actually get their first appointment with the psychiatrist. The big three that we see is mental health, hypertension and diabetes.

We have so many volunteer medical providers that are with Waco Family Medicine. Waco Family Medicine has something called the Good Health Card. It is just for people who do not have insurance, who cannot really afford the affordable health care. It’s a discount program. It’s not insurance. And it’s just with Waco Family Medicine.

We give clients information on how to get connected with Waco Family Medicine. They in turn send their Good Health Card people to us for the specialties that we have. So we work very closely with Waco Family Medicine.

We’re set up to be temporary. We’re open two days a week, in the evenings. We are not intending to be someone’s medical home, so we give them information on how to get a primary care (physician).

We are totally funded through Mission Waco. And we are a donation clinic, so we have a donation box out. And we ask for a donation of $2 (per patient). That is not required at all.

Sara Lockett has been the director of the Mission Waco Donation Health Clinic since 2015. Prior to that she was a volunteer nurse at the clinic, which helps folks in need with medical needs such as mental health, dental and minor emergencies. Previously, Lockett has been a hospital nurse for about 40 years.

The Drink: On a windy day in early January, Lockett chose a cup of Earl Gray hot tea at World Cup Café. “It’s what I always drink on a cold day, and World Cup has delicious food, and it supports Mission Waco,” she said.