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Having a drink with Taina Maya

By Kevin Tankersley

KWTX Channel 10 Morning Anchor

I like that Waco has a huge heart. When I first came here, I didn’t know what to think about Waco. It was a town that I felt I couldn’t connect with.

Now I love Waco because of the big heart it has.

It’s so rewarding to live in a community that truly gives back to making their city a better place. I love that about this city.

I am the president of the board for the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children, a huge part of me. It provides several things, the main thing is free counseling to anyone who has been a victim of crime. I talk about crime for a living, and I have experienced a horrible relationship with my ex-husband. Offering services for free is the big thing to me. I will work to keep that funding going because [crime is] never going to stop, unfortunately.

My husband is a sports guy, Nick Canizales [sports director] at KCEN. We’ve been married two years. I have a daughter. He has a son. Madeline is 10, and Cade is 9. Cade lives in China, Texas; it’s a suburb of Beaumont.

[Nick] works 2-11 p.m. I go to bed around 8:30 [p.m.] now, so I don’t see him during the week the majority of the time. Eight o’clock is [Madeline’s] bedtime.

Then I’m up by 1:30 a.m. He does the morning duty and gets Madeline ready for school — carpool, snack, lunch, signing folders. All that good stuff that parents have to do, he does all that in the morning.

There’s always someone home for the kids. That, at this point in our lives, is more valuable than being on the same schedule. I don’t think that’s always possible unless one of us left this business, which we wouldn’t be doing what we loved.

I was a voice-over artist for Marvel Comics. My dad was an executive producer for Marvel Comics. One day they needed a little girl. They asked me, ‘What would you say if we told you we were giving you the best Barbie doll ever?’ And I said, ‘Oh my goodness. I would be so happy.’ They were recording me, not to my knowledge, and I started doing voice-over work.

I got my own character. My character’s name is Taina. They named her after me. They designed her after me. It’s a little girl who’s with her mom, but I was always scared of Spider-Man when he came around. So I would be the voice of the people who were scared.


At the Brazos Bar & Bistro inside Hotel Indigo, Taina Maya ordered a mimosa at 10:45 a.m. on a recent Friday. “Orange juice reminds me of the morning, and I feel like champagne is crisp, bubbly. And this is my Friday afternoon. I’m ready for the weekend.”

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