Waco Chat

Having a Drink with Holly Tucker

By Kevin Tankersley

Country music vocalist & instrumentalist

“Texas country is where my heart is.”

Waco has always been my home, and I will always consider this my home. It’s perfect being here for music because Waco has a really big, expanding music scene of its own, but it’s also right between two of the biggest music cities in Texas, Dallas and Austin. It’s very convenient for me.

As far as moving to Nashville, I’m not really a Nashville artist. I’m not pop-country. I’m country music through and through. I add a little bit of soul into it, but I don’t think Nashville is my kind of world, at least right now.

And Texas country is where my heart is. I don’t want to dis Nashville or anything or say that could never happen. All musicians want to be on that national level, and Nashville is where that’s at, but right now they’re really only accepting certain types of artists, and a lot of that is pop-country.

I’m very much not pop-country, and I don’t want to turn into that. So if they’re going to have me, they’re going to accept me as I am, and that’s going to be country through and through.

Texas country is a lot more true to traditional country music. It’s got some rock elements in it and some soul elements in it. When you turn on mainstream country radio from Nashville and all those bigger cities, it’s almost not country at all. It’s completely pop.

That’s great. I’m not knocking that either. That’s just not my style.

[My parents] always been supportive of what I’ve wanted, and I have always wanted to do music. [Editor’s note: Tucker’s parents, Johnny and Cheryl Tucker, are both musicians who were in the Christian band Revised Edition in the 1980s, and they still sing with Tucker on occasion.] They never pushed me to try and get a real job, so to speak. They did want me to go to college and get a college education. I wanted that too.

I kind of wanted to have it all. I went through Baylor and graduated in 2015 with a degree in speech communications.

[Being on ‘The Voice’] was incredible. I learned a lot about myself as a person and as an artist, and I ended up growing through it all. I transformed from somebody who was really shy and scared to let herself be seen by the world to pushed into the world where I was going to have to be seen. I had to let all that go.