Waco Chat

Having a Drink with Dr. Buck Cross

By Kevin Tankersley

Cardiologist and Medical Director

“We are real excited to have [Jenna Bush Hager] come speak.”

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of adults in the world. People die from cardiovascular disease every year more than the top three cancers put together. It’s very prevalent and a common problem. Oftentimes, if it’s diagnosed early, it can be prevented.

[The Go Red for Women luncheon is] not just for the American Heart Association but for the American Heart Association in our area. The funds are used to promote awareness of heart disease and research of heart disease in our area.

[On a man chairing an event aimed toward women], this man happens to be a cardiologist, and it’s all about raising awareness about heart disease. Go Red has always been a lunchtime event where we bring women together to educate them about heart disease and what it means to them and things they can do to prevent it.

We try to feature a speaker who talks about things that are relative to women and their lives. We are real excited to have [Jenna Bush Hager] come speak. We’ve heard she’s a really dynamic speaker. She likes to talk about things that are important to women and women’s health, and given the Bushes’ ties to this area, it made a lot of sense.

THE DRINK: On a cold Monday evening, Cross ordered a Woodford Reserve on the rocks at One Thirty Five Prime.

In the past, it’s even a little bit more difficult to diagnose heart disease in women because we’ve learned over the years that they present differently than men. This is a great avenue for us to talk to the public about heart disease, how it affects women, how women sometimes present differently than men. It’s important that Waco Cardiology Associates be involved in events like this. I wanted to take this opportunity to get our entire group involved.

Our goal is to raise more money than we did last year, but I don’t know how much that is [offhand].

There is a special thing we’ve started this ear in conjunction with Go Red for Women. It’s called Men Go Red. That’s a group of men who speak out and say, ‘This is an important topic for women. This is an important topic for the women in our lives, and we want to make people aware of that by offering our involvement and commitment to the American Heart Association.’

I’m a Central Texan. I was raised in the Killeen-Fort Hood area. My father was in the Army. I worked there before I went to college and medical school I’ve been in Waco for nearly 15 years.