Waco Chat

Arianna Dulany

By Kevin Tankersley

Owner and Executive Director of Waco Sports and Social Club

“We love Waco. When we moved here, it was one of those things where it was kind of a small town, but with growth potential.”

The main purpose is to bring people together. We always loved sports growing up, and that was how we found friends and met other people. And when we graduated college, it was kind of like, OK. Now how do adults make friends? We sought out sports in Houston and when we moved here, we knew we needed to find something similar. And we jumped into playing. This was the type of community that we wanted to continue to build. Obviously, the sports are a fun aspect of it. Competition is always fun.

We have five core sports: football, basketball, volleyball, kickball and pickleball. And then sometimes we dabble in cornhole or dodgeball or some other kind of niche sports.

We play at different places around town. Pickleball is at the Waco Regional Tennis & Fitness Center. They have eight courts there that we can rent out. We do some of our basketball and indoor volleyball at Legends Sports Center in Hewitt. We play one of our basketball leagues at Crestview Community Center at Crestview Church of Christ. And we have a lot that we have leased at 11th Street and Webster Avenue where we play kickball and flag football. We spread it out so that people can come even if they live on different sides of town.

We typically have six seasons (throughout the year). They’re six to seven weeks long, then we take a couple of weeks break.

You can come in with a completely full team. You would sign up as a team captain and invite your friends and you can choose which team color you want to be and your team name and all those things. Or you can sign up as an individual. And we make free agent teams. We come up with a clever name for your team and we put a bunch of different people together. Or you can have a small group and just note what friends you might want to play with.

We love Waco. When we moved here, it was one of those things where it was kind of a small town, but with growth potential. All the new things and new ideas that people were having and new, fun businesses. To us, it was a really cool place to be as young adults and be growing not only ourselves in our careers, but our family as well. It’s really a combination of all those things of small town feel — like you still run into people — but also that aspect of, there’s always a new restaurant or always a new something fun to do.