Trend Setters

By Skylla Mumana

Home Design Styles for Your Next Space

Life, as we all know, can be crazy and unpredictable, and there is plenty of change that comes with it. From exciting job opportunities to newborns and everything in between, as you grow and evolve, there’s no reason why your home can’t do the same. If you’re looking to switch things up, here are some home trends to look out for in 2024.

Bold Colors


Masculine and moody color palettes
Natural light
Minimalist floor plan
Oversized appliances

Bold colors and patterns are making their way into homes this year. More homeowners are stepping away from simple, neutral palettes that pair together colors such as beige, gray, taupe and black, and are instead incorporating brighter or deeper palettes in their homes. While earth tones have taken center stage in 2024 home trends, a bold color that makes a statement is in.

One example can be found in the dark, bold colors in this house by BAM Builders. Jonathan Barrow and his wife, Caitlyn Barrow, are the owners of BAM Builders, a custom home building business. Here, the Barrows aimed to make a statement by painting most of the structures within this living-room-kitchen space a deep, peacock blue.

“This would be considered a moody and masculine feel,” Barrow said. “The darker tones combined with the big, oversized appliances, the dark stained natural woods, the copious amounts of natural lights and the darker floors lend this to being a rich and moody feel.”

To keep the space balanced, the kitchen in the open floor plan is painted white with the blue accenting the cabinetry. Most of the furniture is kept neutral with pops of color to complement the bold walls.

Bold Patterns


Neutral color palette
Bold patterned or porcelain backsplashes
Wall accents

Contrast to the moodier kitchen-living room space is this bright kitchen area, courtesy of Palmer Davis Design. While the hardwood floors, marble countertops and white cabinets emit an elegant feel on their own, the patterned backsplash that accompanies it is a design element that is popular amongst designers and homeowners — and for good reason.

A patterned backsplash helps to round the space out, all while adding flair and sophistication to the room. For JeraLyn Wilcox, interior designer at Palmer Davis Design, the neutral pallet and pops of texture add to its theme, which she calls “down home luxurious family living”.

“We selected a more neutral color palette with subtle pops of interesting and elegant fabrics and textures throughout the space,” Wilcox said. “For example, the feature wall dividing the living room from the kitchen has a smooth finish emulating the kitchen backsplash design, and the metal screen fronting the cabinets in the living room carry across the pattern using another medium and texture.”

When it comes to metal finishes, warm brass tones, antique finishes and mixed metal accents (as seen in here) are in for 2024, but for Palmer Davis Design, it’s really about matching the aesthetic of the space.

Intricate Light Fixtures


Creative shapes and forms
Statement lighting designs
Mood enhancing illumination
Gold fixtures

While light is essential to any space, the type of lighting and its shape can, arguably, make or break your home design. Lighting sets the mood for the occasion, and according to the Palmer Davis Design team, at current home shows, designers and homeowners are gravitating more towards eye-catching luminaries to elevate the overall aesthetic of their rooms.

Take this dining room design by Palmer Davis for example. Earthy, woodsy tones are prevalent in both the carpet and chair pieces, but according to Wilcox, the real eye-catcher of the room is the gold and crystal light fixture.

“The dining room chandelier is more ornate with a modern twist; the curvy form and hanging crystals provide a soft ambience for cozy family dinners or a central focal point during a buffet setup to mingle around,” Wilcox said. “Carrying the theme from the dining room, the entry chandelier is a graceful fluid work of art.”

Here, functionality meets art. The shape of the fixture is reminiscent of a cloud, and when lit, the crystal pieces dangling from it look like tiny droplets of rain cascading downwards, adding to the overall earth-toned nature aesthetic that the room gives off.

Distinctive Bathroom Accents


Distinctive accents
Layered lighting designs
Elevated wallpaper designs
Steam showers

Bathroom spaces have evolved beyond their obvious day-to-day role into sanctuaries and a place of solace. The design and atmosphere of a bathroom matter, and adding distinct, unique accents can help shape the room to your liking.

In the primary bathroom redesign by Renae Palmer, co-owner and interior designer at Palmer Davis Design “the goal was to create a luxury five-star space that would function for their needs.”

The bathroom is a masterfully curated space that exudes opulence and luxury. For the walls, Palmer utilized a picturesque Schumacher gray and white chinoiserie wallpaper with florals, vines and birds. Playful wallpapers are popular in today’s design trends as it allows homeowners to be more expressive in their style.

Layered lighting was also incorporated into the space. The feathered chandelier is a unique accent that adds to the ambiance of the space as light streams in through the crevices of the feathers. LED lights around the main rain showerhead adds another dimension of grandeur while simultaneously giving homeowners the freedom to tailor the atmosphere according to their preferences. The strategically placed window near the bath is customized with stained glass to allow natural light as well.

“We utilized varying levels of lighting for each area of the bathroom, such as beautiful visual comfort chandeliers and sconces,” Palmer said. “Plus, LED lighting in the shower ceiling provides task lightning and a subdued atmosphere for clients.”

For the wash space, the design team used smaller showerheads along the walls to give the space a “steam shower” option which is trending as homeowners use spa-like amenities to improve their overall health.

Personalized Storage Spaces


Open shelving
Integrated seating
Sustainable materials
Glass goods

In this his-and-her closet space by Palmer Davis Design “the magic is in the details.” For the closet redesign, Palmer focused on maximizing design elements in the space without hindering function. Per the clients’ requests, she created a space for them to get ready for the day in.

“His closet is highlighted by the backsplash above the marble countertop dressing area,” Palmer said. “We used a wood that is made from bourbon barrels to create a warm masculine finish. Brass sconces flank each side of an antique mirror.”

Re-using materials is a trend we are seeing in the move to sustainability. The antique mirror is given a second life in a new space while the old wood is repurposed in a unique way that adds character.

In both closets, Palmer incorporated seating for comfort while getting ready for the day. She also used open shelving for easy access to clothing with glass doors to keep them fresh and clean.

“Each closet has refined metal doors with glass inserts to keep the fine garments from getting dusty,” said Palmer.

For her closet, the client’s designer handbags serve as a work of art, a unique flair to the space that adds color. It’s just one way that Palmer Davis Design blends client’s individuality to today’s design styles.

Personalized Storage Spaces


Multi-level storage
Countertop storage
Pull-out racks
Accent walls

More often than not, storage spaces within a home don’t receive as much attention design-wise from decorators or new homeowners. To many, it’s just a small space — somewhere to store food or clothes or miscellaneous items in. However, even these small spaces can be another place to express your unique style or personal taste.

Brad Blanchard, owner of Dream Home Storage Solutions, has noticed homeowners adding personalized touches to their pantries, primary closets and other storage rooms within their homes, such as accent walls, ambient lighting and trim accents.

When it comes to a pantry space, homeowners and designers are now gravitating towards convenience and function, which is something that Blanchard has used in his own storage redesigns. One example can be found in this chic, multi-leveled pantry tucked behind a barn door.

“Homeowners are upgrading standard pantries to make them more functional,” Blanchard said. “This is achieved by adding countertops for small appliance storage, spice racks, pull-out wine bottle racks and vegetable baskets as well as drawer space for kids’ snacks and smaller food items.”

It’s all about function and ease of the space. Upgrading regular pantries can offer you more storage, convenience and style.

Overall, these trends are just a few of many that you can implement in your own spaces. Let these inspirations guide you in your next home project but keep in mind that individuality and expression are key in turning any house, no matter how bare, into a home.

“Like everything, interior design evolves, trends move in and out as smoothly as the tide changes,” said Wilcox. “My hope is that in 2024, people will want to take more risks, play with colors, textures and different mediums, mix and match and spice things up. Just have fun. If you fall in love with a crazy fabric or wallpaper, use it, enjoy it and don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone.”