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Where is Taqueria #1?

One girl searches for answers

9 years ago

By Cydney Waitley

This matter has been pressing on my heart for some time now.

I have driven up and down Valley Mills. I have driven across Waco Drive. I have been up and down 18th Street … and consequently 17th Street because of Waco’s strange one-way system. I have searched high and low. I have numerically chased, hunted and pursued the location of Taqueria #1.

It pains me to admit defeat, but I can’t find it. Where is Taqueria #1?

I’ve eaten at #9 and #4. Taqueria #2 is a food truck. I wanted to start eating at the restaurants in numerical order. But for the life of me, I can’t find Taqueria #1.

This is not a blog to inform you. This is a blog asking you to inform me. I have a few questions.

1 Why are the restaurants numbered?

2 Are they related to each other, or is it purely coincidental?

3 Most importantly: Where is Taqueria #1?

People of Waco, I need you. I must find this. It is the Holy Grail of Mexican food. Does it exist? Will I fulfill my quest? Will it be worth it? Will they have delicious enchiladas too? This one’s in your hands, Waco. Don’t steer me wrong.