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When Culinary and Creative Passions Collide

Kindred Event hosts first Farm to Table Dinner

9 years ago

Pictured: Photo by Caitlin Giddens

By Caitlin Giddens

When you combine the taste and elegance of Kindred Event Studio and the culinary creations of Chef Corey McEntyre, magic happens. Kindred Event Studio hosted its first Farm to Table Dinner on June 11 at the Art Center of Waco. The decor and dishes were exquisite, but the most inspiring part of the evening was the sense of community that swept over the group of 48 guests.

Hosting a farm-to-table dinner is not a novel concept — it’s common in nearby cities like Austin and Dallas. But it’s new to Waco, and with all new endeavors comes a hint of hesitation.

“We felt like it was a really good idea and something Corey and I have wanted to see happen in Waco for awhile,” said Sara Martin, co-owner and founder of Kindred Event Studio. “However, you never know when you do something new, so I was a little curious to see how the response would be.”

The response exceeded expectations. After the event Martin said, “Overall, I thought it was just such a lovely combination of really talented people coming together and sharing what they are passionate about with a wonderful group from all over Waco. The food and wine were amazing, and the music by The Union Revival was the perfect addition to the atmosphere.”

The dinner featured locally grown ingredients from Double B Farms, The Home Grown Farm and Homestead Gristmill. The four-course menu included pimento cheese croquette, melon carpaccio, roasted lamb and strawberry shortcake with buttermilk-vanilla ice cream. Each dish paid homage to Chef McEntyre’s humble beginnings in Georgia.

The dinner was accompanied by wine pairings from David Mayfield of the Wine Shoppe. Pinewood Roasters, a coffee roastery based in McGregor, provided fresh coffee.

“I have talked with David Mayfield and his wife several times and knew that we had a similar heart and vision to see quality, beautiful community events come to Waco,” Martin explained. “Also I love their shop and their wine and thought it would be the perfect addition.”

After seeing the success of this dinner, Kindred Event Studio anticipates several more in the future. The next Farm to Table Dinner will be held on August 6. Find more information at