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Waco has “My Heart”

5 years ago

By Brooke Hill

There’s no denying that love is in the air this time of year. To celebrate, the Art Forum of Waco’s “Mi Corazon/My Heart” international art exhibit is displaying 80 pieces of art all centered around the human heart.

As we all know, love can be blissful or it can cause the worst kind of pain. This is reflected in the wide variety of pieces found in the exhibit.

For the joyous side of love, pieces include everything from an acrylic painting depicting Princess Diana as the Queen of Hearts to a watercolor showing a heart as a blooming flower to a textile quilt embroidered with “Mimi’s heart.”

More of the pieces portrayed love as detrimental, with art like a clay heart embedded with screws titled “Screwed All Over by Love,” a seemingly half-finished textile heart pierced by a giant needle titled “Sew Damn Tired of Mending My Heart,” a needle felting heart accompanied by felt knives titled “Love is Pain” and an icy acrylic heart on a canvas titled “Cold Hearted.”


The most special part about my visit to the exhibit was my reception by Rocio, who works at the forum. She was so excited to explain to me that the pieces are by artists from four countries — Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and the U.S. — and emphasized the importance of seeing different interpretations of a subject as shown by different cultures.

To make the exhibit a bit more interactive, there’s a “selfie” room with red and pink wallpaper backdrops, as well as large King and Queen of Heart cards with the faces cut out so you and your special someone can take a silly photo together. Since I was there alone, Rocio insisted on taking a photo of me so that I would have something to remember the exhibit by.

The most personal interaction with the exhibit, however, comes from the wishing tree. You get to write your wish for love on a paper heart and put it on the tree. I loved getting to read what others from the community hoped to see and added my own wish too.

The exhibit ends Saturday, so make sure to pop in before it’s too late! Most of the pieces on display are for sale.

Whether you’re happily in love or single as a Pringle, one of the 80 pieces at “Mi Corazon” is guaranteed to resonate with you.