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Waco Coffee Crawl

More coffee shops to visit this spring

3 weeks ago

Pictured: Photos by Avery Ballmann

By Skylla Mumana & Avery Ballmann

From early days to late nights, a good cup of coffee is always a need for the busy Wacoan on the go. Waco has a thriving coffee shop culture, and each shop has its own unique lineup of drinks and ambiance. Our fall crawl was full of amazing options and this spring selection will not disappoint. If you’re searching for a new place to enjoy, here are a list of coffee shops in Waco for you to explore during the warmer days and rainy afternoons.

THRST Coffee

THRST Coffee, 1500 Colcord Ave., Suite C, is a family-owned coffee shop located in East Waco. Founded in 2018, THRST’s coffee lounge serves as a space for community and great coffee. The shop’s greenery, soothing music and their vast array of artwork make this the perfect place to relax and enjoy your cup of joe, or to get some work done. Their special THRST blend offers bold flavors derived from a mix of Ugandan and Burundian coffee beans, resulting in a balanced cup of coffee. Want to bring the taste of THRST home? Sign up for their coffee subscription program to get quality coffee beans delivered to your doorstep every one, two or four weeks, all for just $20. While in store, try out the Mexican Mocha, a comforting drink that combines Abuelita chocolate with their espresso and your choice of milk. The rich notes of cinnamon and chocolate come through nicely, making this a delicious, comforting treat to enjoy.

Cha Community

Cha Community, 1001 Franklin Ave., is an authentic Taiwanese American boba tea cafe in downtown Waco known for its premium boba. This woman-owned cafe has been bringing Central Texas great bubble tea and food options since 2018. Cha Community strives to bring more Asian representation and bridge cultural gaps in Central Texas. Their Strawberry Matcha Latte is made with premium Japanese matcha, house-made strawberry puree, your choice of milk and your preferred sweetness. If you’re craving a boba topping, you can choose between their regular, crystal, strawberry or mango popping boba — circular pearls made from tapioca starch, also known as cassava starch. The spheres are simmered in a chosen syrup, typically a brown sugar one, which gives them a sweet taste and a rich, dark color. Cha Community offers a variety of boba, but if you’re not into it, try out their coconut jelly instead, or opt out entirely. Overall, this drink is delicious, customizable and perfect for a sunny Waco day.

Street Dog Cafe

Street Dog Cafe, 406 Elm Ave., is a local bakery and coffee shop in the heart of East Waco. The cafe strives to bring awareness to stray dogs and works with local agencies to sponsor a dog each week to help them get foster placements or get adopted into their forever family. Their pet-friendly patio is also a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee with your pet in the morning. The cafe offers a wide range of pastries for customers to enjoy, such as muffins, breaks, cookies, biscotti and specialty desserts. If you’re on the go and want a little more than a pastry, the cafe also has plenty of breakfast options to choose from. The Brown Sugar Cinnamon Hot Latte is made with their espresso, house-made brown sugar cinnamon syrup, plus your choice of milk. The notes of cinnamon and brown sugar pair nicely, creating a comforting mix of flavor to jump-start your day with.

KurbSide Coffee

KurbSide Coffee is a family-owned coffee truck operating one day a week at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, but boy is it worth the wait. Leaving my coffee order in the hands of the cashier was a good choice because I wouldn’t have picked the Iced Dirty Horchata on my own. Their creamy spiced homemade horchata with a shot of espresso over top is a unique and unbeatable drink. Next time you find yourself at the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, swing by the truck and try it for yourself.