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Visiting Magnolia

Your Guide to the Silo District

1 month ago

Pictured: Photo by Avery Bathurst

By Avery Bathurst

If you’re planning a trip to Waco, Magnolia Market is likely at the top of your list, but what can you add to fill up the rest of your itinerary? Magnolia itself has plenty to offer, and the surrounding area is just as rich with activity and excitement. Allow this list to be your guide to visiting Magnolia and downtown Waco.

The Silos and Magnolia Market, located along the Webster Ave. block between 7th and 8th St., have so much to share, from home decor to wiffle ball to cupcakes:

Magnolia Market: Browse through the Magnolia Market for home decor and other goods handpicked by Waco’s own Joanna Gaines!

Magnolia Home: On the corner of 8th St. and Webster Ave., this unique space presents fully designed and furnished room scenes to help you visualize the Magnolia aesthetic in your own home.

 Shops at the Silos: Continue your shopping experience at the Shops at the Silos, a collection of six boutiques for those looking for more than home furnishings. Explore these lifestyle stores, including Ferny’s Retro Plant Shop, Chapter One, No. 16, Tried & True, Vie Bien Aimee and The Souvenir Shop.

Magnolia Food Truck Park: Need a snack after all that shopping? Refill your tank at one of the many food trucks on the Magnolia lawn.  Choose from authentic Wacoan cuisine like Captain Billy Whizzbang’s, 900 Degree Pizza, Summer Snow and more!

Magnolia Press Coffee Co.: No need to travel far for a pick-me-up. The Magnolia Press is right next to the market and has a variety of beverages to satisfy your caffeine craving. The 1905 is a delightful sip of marshmallow and vanilla, but the Matcha Latte has an earthy flavor that is equally as pleasant.

Silos Baking Co.: Got a sweet tooth? Look no further than the Silos Baking Co. where there is no shortage of sweet treats and pastries to choose from.

Katy Ballpark: Kids can show off their athletic skills (and run off some excess energy) at the Katy Ballpark wiffle ball field just behind the Market. Parents be warned, you might just want to join in on the fun!

Don’t be afraid to journey beyond the Silos. Take a look at just a few of the gems that surround Magnolia:

The Findery: At 910 Webster Ave., just across the street from Magnolia Market, is your next stop for more home decor, clothes and other unique goods! This store is great for purchasing gifts, beautifying your home and expanding your closet. The Findery is a great destination to add to your Waco itinerary.

Hey Sugar: This sweet shop has an impressive array of unique candy, ice cream, sodas and more. Just around the corner from the Magnolia Market at 324 S 6th St., this is a worthwhile stop for those with a sweet tooth!

The Backyard: For beer, barbecue and billiards, visit The Backyard at 511 S 8th St. No matter when you visit, this patio-style restaurant is likely to have live music and an even livelier crowd!

Dr Pepper Museum: From history buffs to soda enthusiasts to paranormal investigators, the Dr Pepper Museum is one of the top visits to make in Waco.  Located at 300 S 5th St., you can explore the museum to learn the story of Dr Pepper’s creation, create and enjoy your own soda or embark on a paranormal tour throughout the building to discover the ghosts that may still reside in its walls.

Pivovar: For fine dining and an in-house brewery, sit down at Pivovar at 320 S 8th St. This Czech-inspired restaurant has delicious dishes and a lovely beergarden to relax in. Need a food recommendation? Check out our blog!

Spice Village: Looking for a gift? Stroll over to Spice Village at 213 Mary Ave. This one space houses over eighty 80 individual vendors like Grae Apparel, The Calico Cat and Hinge Boutique. You will likely want to set aside some extra time to explore this massive boutique, as every nook and cranny has some new surprise.

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe: If you want a good book, a beverage or simply a cozy atmosphere, Fabled, 215 S 4th St., is the place for you. This book shop is an awesome place to meet friends, both real and fictional, and expand your own library.

Waco Paddle Company: Float the Brazos River on a paddle board, kayak or canoe from Waco Paddle Company at 200 S University Parks Dr.

Cameron Park and Indian Spring Park: Fans of the outdoors, this is your destination! See the “Branding the Brazos” cattle drive sculpture in Indian Spring Park and immerse yourself in nature along the Brazos in Cameron Park.

Cameron Park Zoo: Kids and adults alike will have a blast with the orangutans, giraffes, lions and other creatures cared for at the Cameron Park Zoo, 1701 N 4th St. Make sure to keep an eye out for the new penguin exhibit opening soon — they’d love for you to come and visit!

Art Center Waco: Whether you enjoy art or are an artist yourself, Art Center Waco, 701 S 8th St., is a great place to stop. Enjoy art by local artists and traveling tours or take a class to enhance your own self-expression.

Waco Tours: Experience Waco on another level with Waco Tours, whether on the water or on wheels, and learn what it’s like to be a Wacoan. Book a tour online or visit in person at 407 S 8th St.

For more things to do in Waco, check our Waco Weekend, updated weekly, and visit Love Waco.