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Taco Tour

A search for the best breakfast tacos in town

7 years ago

Pictured: Migas from Torchy’s Tacos

By Caitlin Giddens

In the Best of Waco issue we feature our Critics’ Picks, a compilation of our favorite dishes, drinks and desserts. For this feature, our contributors scoured the city, tasting and reviewing dishes. It was straining (to our waistlines), but we survived. After reviewing the tacos from Sergio’s, I was curious if these were the best breakfast tacos in town. So I began a taco tour, devouring every breakfast taco I could find in Waco.

Breakfast Tacos from Sergio’s

Best Tortilla

At Sergio’s I ordered tacos with eggs, cheese, vegetables and potatoes. These street-style tacos were spicy and savory. The fajita vegetables were flavorful, and the green sauce was delicious. But my favorite part of the taco was the corn tortilla. It was soft and fluffy — almost like pita bread.

Migas from Torchy’s Tacos

Best Ambiance

Torchy’s is notorious for its long lines, but those tacos are worth the wait. At this taco joint, I ordered the Migas with scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, green chilies, avocado, pico de gallo and shredded cheddar cheese. I enjoyed sitting outside, where the wooden tables and strings of lights create a cozy atmosphere. I felt like I was sitting on my back patio.

Migas a la Fuego from Fuego

Best Deal

Fuego’s motto is “Fast. Fresh. Full.” And when you see the size of these tacos, you’ll understand the slogan. I ordered the Migas a la Fuego with eggs, tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, tortilla chips and poblano queso. These tacos were tasty, but I prefer the fish tacos from Fuego.

Migas Plate from Lolita’s

Best Flavor

At Lolita’s I ordered the Migas Plate with a side of beans and potatoes. Like most Migas dishes, it came with scrambled eggs, tortilla chips and pico de gallo. But these tacos didn’t taste like most Migas. The eggs were fresher, the chips were crispier and the pico de gallo provided the perfect amount of kick. It’s no surprise that Lolita’s won Best Breakfast Taco in this year’s Best of Waco survey.

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