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Jessica Honegger in Waco

Find out about her new book “Imperfect Courage”

4 years ago

By Gretchen Eichenberg

Jessica Honegger, founder of Noonday Collection, is making a surprise stop on her book tour in Waco tonight! Her book “Imperfect Courage” was released in August and encourages people to live a life of impact. We spoke with Honegger this afternoon for a sneak peek before the event.

WACOAN: Denver. DC. Grand Rapids. Waco? How did Waco get on your short list for the book tour?

Honegger: A few Instagram followers have been amazing supporters of this message and kept asking me to come. I have a hard time saying no!

WACOAN: Your book is about having the courage to follow your dreams. What do you think is holding most people back?

Honegger: People are afraid of failure, but I think people are mainly afraid that they will feel and be all alone when they fail. My message is about going scared but to be sure and do that with other people.

WACOAN: What was the turning point for you personally, in crafting your life?

Honegger: We decided to adopt a child from Rwanda. Deciding to grow our family in a nontraditional way caused us to embrace imperfect courage.

WACOAN: What’s the most important quality in believing in yourself – that you can do anything?

Honegger: Each of us is worthy and loved. Each of us is a unique poem, called to use our influence for good in the world. Don’t let the insecurity that you don’t have something to give hold you back from giving. Just do. Go scared.

WACOAN: What do you hope Wacoans will take away from your event tonight or from reading your book?

Honegger: The only way through your fears is through your fears.

Honegger will be at Milo All Day from 6:30-8:30 p.m. to share more about the book and her own personal journey. Tickets can be purchased here and will include a copy of the book and a chance to win Noonday Collection jewelry. Noonday Collection is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world.

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