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Model your own fun this summer

1 year ago

By Brittany Ross

Are you looking for indoor ideas to keep your littles entertained and out of the heat? We’re just a few weeks into summer, but I feel like I’ve already burned through all my ideas on activities for my kids until we were gifted a play dough kit for my daughter’s birthday. I pulled it out the other day and she spent hours playing with it. There were shaped cookie cutters and molds in the kit so she could shape the play dough however she wanted, adding in the colorful pebbles and toys to make fun, unique creations.

After looking online at some of the other kits available, we decided to head to the store and make our own. We grabbed an assortment of accessories including glass pebbles, sea shells, faux succulents, mermaid buttons, pompoms, plastic insects and toy dinosaurs. We also grabbed a new set of play dough and a chip and dip tray from the dollar store. My daughter had just as much fun picking everything out and setting it up as she did playing with it creating under sea gardens and mermaid houses.

The ideas are endless; fairy garden, dinosaur excavation, cars, safari, baking and so much more! I know I’ll be collecting trinkets and miscellaneous small toys to include in these homemade kits all summer. Add in some scented play dough for a sensory activity as they mold and create to their heart’s content. Tag @wacoan and show us how you’re entertaining your kiddos this summer.