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How We are Coping

Haley Davis

4 years ago

By Claire Van Zee

While the city is under shelter-in-place until April 7, we know that many of you are attempting to create a new normal of working at home and maybe even homeschooling your children. Our hearts are with those who have even lost their jobs due to the circumstances. Everyone is coping in different ways and finding a way to adapt and adjust to our new world. This week, we thought we’d introduce a series where our fellow WACOAN contributors and staff share their personal stories and updates on how they’re adapting to these times.

Haley Davis, Account Executive

1. How are you adapting at home? What are you doing to pass the time, how are you handling homeschool, work etc.?

I’m doing well, although it’s pretty quiet. I’m currently playing catch up on emails for different organizations I’m in. For work, I’m going through my list of contacts to make sure they are clean and up to date. I’m also deep cleaning my apartment i.e. deep cleaning the kitchen, organizing bathrooms, etc. Lastly, I’m taking my dog for a walk around my apartment complex to get out and about since it is just me and the pup.

On the weekends, I have been going up to my dad’s and helping him clean out different closets/rooms and organizing. We’re also having movie marathons. This past weekend we watched Rocky. My birthday is next Monday so I’m still deciding what I want to order in for that and what movie marathon will happen. We’re bummed as we were supposed to leave this Sunday for a cruise, but we’re trying to find other ways to fill the time and reschedule that for a later date.

2. What new game, movie or TV show have you played/watched that you might recommend to others?

I am currently reading the Poldark series that I binged watched from the BBC (It is great and on Amazon Prime too). After the show, I wanted to read the book, there are 12 of them so lots of material.

I am about to start watching Little Fires Everywhere, the new Reese Witherspoon show on Hulu. She has been putting out great shows recently so I’m excited to watch. I’m also watching Outlander on Starz. And as background noise while I get work done, Parks and Rec and Gilmore Girls are my go-to. They never get old and bring me joy.

For games, I am playing Quarantine BINGO with my college friends who live throughout Texas. We each made a digital bingo card with things we want to get done over this next week i.e. go on a walk every day, clean out a closet, order from a local restaurant, FaceTime a friend, etc. And we are all filling out our cards and then this weekend we will see who got BINGO and who got the most done. The winner will have dinner from their favorite local restaurant paid for and delivered to them.

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