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How We are Coping

Caroline Yablon

3 years ago

By Claire Van Zee

While the city is under shelter-in-place until April 21, we know that many of you are attempting to create a new normal of working at home and maybe even homeschooling your children. Our hearts are with those who have even lost their jobs due to the circumstances. Everyone is coping in different ways and finding a way to adapt and adjust to our new world. This is a series where our fellow WACOAN contributors and staff share their personal stories and updates on how they’re adapting to these times.

Caroline Yablon, Intern

1. How are you adapting at home? What are you doing to pass the time, how are you handling homeschool, work etc.?

It definitely feels a little odd to wake up each morning not going to class or work since that has been my routine for the longest time, but I am slowly learning how to adapt to this new “normal” by making a checklist and setting goals to keep myself accountable to get things done.

To pass time, I have been going on walks. It’s funny, I think I have spent more time outside in the last week than I have in the last six months! Through all of this, I’ve gained a strong appreciation for the outdoors!

2. What new game, movie or TV show have you played/watched that you might recommend to others?

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I have been making it a goal to watch all of the good throwback movies from my childhood such as “Sleepover,” “She’s the Man” with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, and “Aquamarine.” I can’t confidently recommend watching these movies because the acting is terrible – I watch them because they bring back memories for me, but I do strongly suggest making your own throwback list of movies and shows that you loved as a kid and watch them because it will bring you back your childhood! Oh, there is one movie that recently came out that I watched and strongly recommend to everyone, “Little Women.”

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