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How We are Coping

Kathleen Seaman

4 years ago

By Claire Van Zee

While the city is under shelter-in-place until April 7, we know that many of you are attempting to create a new normal of working at home and maybe even homeschooling your children. Our hearts are with those who have even lost their jobs due to the circumstances. Everyone is coping in different ways and finding a way to adapt and adjust to our new world. This is a series where our fellow WACOAN contributors and staff share their personal stories and updates on how they’re adapting to these times.

Kathleen Seaman, Writer

1. How are you adapting at home? What are you doing to pass the time, how are you handling homeschool, work etc.?

Adapting to working from home has been great! I work for Neighborly, and a number of our workforce is usually remote anyway, so the company was really ahead of the game on this. I’ve had access to a lot of resources — equipment, software, IT support — that has made the transition from office to home almost seamless. I do miss that social time and face-to-face interaction with my co-workers, but my team has virtual meetings multiple times a week, I have virtual lunch dates with my work bestie, and a group of us had a virtual Happy Hour last week just so we could catch up and check-in.

Working from home is also great because I get to spend all day with my pups, Luna and Milo. They’re usually hanging out right next to me on a dog bed I pulled in the kitchen, and if I ever have any work that doesn’t require multiple monitors, I’ll take my laptop out on our back porch while the dogs run around or bathe in the sun.
I’m also taking advantage of the chance to prep dinner while on lunch or taking a break.

My husband and I are Weight Watchers, so this has been great for helping me eat better, and we’ve had fun trying out our new air fryer. I had “fried” chicken for the first time in about 5 months last week!
Then, of course, I love reading, so I’m getting to read about 4 books a week right now.

2. What game, movie or TV show have you played/watched that you might recommend to others?

My husband is a police sergeant and is still going into work every day, so our time together hasn’t changed much. But, we have Disney+, so he watched Frozen 2 when it came out (I skipped that one), and we’re finally watching all the Marvel movies in timeline order — something we have been talking about doing for months now. We just finished our fourth over the weekend, the first Thor movie.

I’m all caught up on my main shows — The Bold Type, Vanderpump Rules, Younger and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon). If you haven’t watched Mrs. Maisel, do it. It’s hilarious. Together, we’ve recently watched Hunters (Amazon), The Mandalorian (Disney+) and The Witcher (Netflix). We also watch The Masked Singer (Hulu) every week. It’s completely ridiculous, and I can’t stand Jenny McCarthy, but we like it. Once you get down to the final 3 or 4, the masked celebrities are always really talented.

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