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How We are Coping

Cecy Ayala

4 years ago

By Claire Van Zee

While the city is under shelter-in-place until April 7, we know that many of you are attempting to create a new normal of working at home and maybe even homeschooling your children. Our hearts are with those who have even lost their jobs due to the circumstances. Everyone is coping in different ways and finding a way to adapt and adjust to our new world. This is a series where our fellow WACOAN contributors and staff share their personal stories and updates on how they’re adapting to these times.

Cecy Ayala, Photographer

1. How are you adapting at home? What are you doing to pass the time, how are you handling homeschool, work etc.?

I’ve noticed that having a set schedule has helped a lot, it took a few days to get the kids used to it, but it’s really working now. For example, at 9 a.m. we have a small breakfast, and then free time to play on their computer. At 12 p.m. we have lunch separately in their rooms, this helps them have their alone time (I noticed that when we had a lot of time together, we got annoyed of each other lol). At 2 p.m. they can choose from going outside or reading a book, (giving them choices also helps them not feel like they are being forced). From 3 to 5 p.m. we do homework from school, which thankfully the school has sent them enough things to do and catch up on.

Then we have free time until 6:30 p.m. (no computer or tv, which helps them use their imagination). After free time, they have a streamed karate class from 6:45 to 7:15 p.m. before dinner. Immediately after dinner we always do a board game, I would recommend changing games to not get bored. And then we shower and go to sleep. Of course, not every day is identical, once a week we have piano lessons and math tutoring using Zoom. They also do different chores in between everything. I hope this helps!

2. What new game, movie or TV show have you played/watched that you might recommend to others?

We just found a new game called Exploding Kittens that is really funny. We also play Uno, Monopoly, do chess wars or card games. Sometimes we play mental games like, “I’m thinking of an animal that starts with the letter ‘S’” and then everyone has to guess what it is. We can ask several clues, like, does it fly? Does it live in the water? Then whoever wins can choose an animal.

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