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A Coffee Crawl Through Waco

6 months ago

By Skylla Mumana

As the weather outside turns frightful and continues to dip to lower temperatures, a city like Waco is the perfect place to escape from the bitter cold. Whether you want a nice cup of joe, or you’re looking for a cozy spot, Waco has plenty of coffee shops to fit your vibe. If you require some inspiration, here is a list of coffee shops in the area that you can explore.  

Reign Coffee Company 

Reign Coffee Company, 10214 China Spring Road, is a small coffee shop located in the China Spring area. When you walk in, you’ll immediately be met with the smell of their freshly brewed coffee, which is all made in-house at the shop each day. Alongside that, the quiet, cozy atmosphere that permeates the shop makes it a perfect spot to relax, or, if you’re a student, to study. Their menu boasts a vast assortment of coffee, teas and seasonal drinks for customers to choose from. Their Gingerbread Cold Brew, for example, is made with gingerbread sweet cream, cinnamon and their famous cold brew. Reign also hosts events and workshops, such as their monthly cookie-baking classes with Amanda Lenz, a local baker in the Waco area. Overall, this community-centered coffee shop is a great solo stop for all of your coffee needs.  

Glory Bell  

Glory Bell Coffee, 600 Columbus Ave., is a coffee shop that is affiliated with Glory Bell Church, which is located right next door. When walking through the doors, customers are met with its spacious, open layout, high ceilings, and tall windows, all of which give the shop plenty of natural light. The shop also has large tables and couches, making it a perfect space for large groups, local organizations and clubs to come and congregate. If you’re hoping for something more private or intimate, upon request, there is a separate, closed room available to also hold group meetings in. After hours, the coffee shop is also available to rent for events, such as sorority formals, live music, poetry nights, etc. On the first Wednesday of each month, the shop holds live praise and worship at 7 p.m. Their rotating, seasonal menu is filled with delicious drinks and treats for customers to enjoy, such as their Peppermint Mocha for example, a warm, sweet treat that is perfect for the holiday season. Just when you think they can’t get any better, they’re also kid-friendly. They have a separate space for children of all ages to read and play with each other. If you need a space to gather, then Glory Bell is the place for you.  


For Keeps  

For Keeps Coffee, 3619 Bosque Blvd., is a coffee shop that provides aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-worthy spaces for its customers to enjoy. When walking in you’re met with funky wall art, fresh pastries and intricate latte designs. Their coffee is ethically sourced and delivered fresh from Kansas City, which they use to make their popular For Keeps Latte, a customizable drink that can come warm or cold. Any of their flavors and milks can be added, making it a great open-ended option for a variety of coffee drinkers. If you’re hungry there are also a variety of fresh bagels and sweet treats to choose from. The baristas are quick, the food is great and the coffee is fresh, making this a great early morning stop for an on-the-go Wacoan.  


Poppa Bear Boba 

For a change of pace, look to Poppa Bear Boba, 4716 W Waco Dr. Although new to the Waco area, this family-owned business is slowly becoming a beloved spot for Wacoans, thanks to their great service, tasty food, delicious teas and fruity slushies. However, what many may not know is that the shop also serves a traditional Vietnamese Coffee called Cà Phê Sữa đá. Each day, their coffee is dripped for over an hour and served with sweet, creamy milk and ice. Per custom, the coffee isn’t filled up all of the way, so that it can be properly savored. Thanks to its great food, drinks and cheerful atmosphere, this small shop is a great spot to have a quick mid-day date or to sit and have a quiet moment.  

Be Kind 

If you’re needing a place to sit, savor and converse with loved ones and friends, then Be Kind Coffee is a great place for you. There are two locations, one at 425 Lake Air Dr., and the other at 1534 Washington Ave. This upbeat, colorful shop was started by two food lovers and entrepreneurs whose motto has been to spread kindness and warmth through positive messaging and delicious beverages. Be Kind’s Churro Latte is a crowd favorite, which features their house-made churro syrup and comes with their signature latte art. If you need a snack, they have a variety of bagels and mini pancakes to choose from. Like many others, its menu is customizable, however, it also has vegan options that customers can choose from. It’s the perfect place to have a great conversation and a great cup of coffee.