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Candace Cameron Bure Visits Waco

3 years ago

By Caroline Yablon

Time and time again, Waco keeps on proving how cool it is to live here, and it got a whole lot cooler a few weeks ago when actress and author Candace Cameron Bure AKA D.J Tanner from “Full House” came to town to promote the release of her newest children’s book, “Grow, Candace, Grow.”

The Phoenix Ballroom was one full house that Thursday evening, filled with a few hundred fans that came to meet Bure at her book signing party. During the event, there was a brief Q&A where Bure chatted with her fans about her love for Texas, all things “Full House,” her inspiration for becoming an author and living out her faith in Hollywood.

This wasn’t the L.A. actress and author’s first Rodeo in the state of Texas. Bure explained that she and her family lived in Dallas for a short time when her husband played professional hockey for the Dallas Stars and has loved the state ever since.

“Dallas was my favorite city of all the teams he played for,” Bure said. “I love Texas … and this is my first time to Waco … but I always love coming to this state.”

As you may know, Bure is famously known for her character D.J on “Full House” and “Fuller House,” so rest assured that she shared with her fans a little inside scoop on the show and cast.

The bond that you see between the cast of those shows isn’t just on TV, but in real life. Bure said that after over 30 years of working together, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin and the rest of the cast are one big family.

“We’ve all been really close friends and what you see on television, although we’re not really related, we are family and we love each other so much,” Bure said. “So, getting to come back so many years later and make ‘Fuller House’ together has been one of the biggest joys of my life. And Jody and Andrea who play Stephanie and Kimmy are really like my best friends in real life and we talk every single day.”

To add some humor to the mix, while she was visiting Eagle Christian Academy in Waco earlier to read to a class, a few students asked her if she really married Steve on “Full House” and she had to set the record straight:

“I hate to disappoint you because it’s just make-believe on television because I’m already married to my husband, Val, and then I have my real children, Natasha, Lev and Maksim, and then my TV kids aren’t my real kids, but I’m like a mom to them and treat them like my own kids and then they don’t listen,” Bure said.

Speaking of kids, Bure shared that she took about a 10-year break from working to stay home and take care of her three kids, and during those years, she read a lot of books with them and knew that one day she wanted to write her own books.

“Ever since I had my kids, reading to them has always been my favorite activity to do with them,” Bure said. “I love reading, I love books, I love the illustrations, and it was just always the best snuggle time with my kids on the couch or in bed and I would use silly voices and silly accents and trying to engage with them and ask questions after we’ve read a story to try to find some topic of learning or understanding or just for them to use their imagination. So, I love children’s books and thought I would love to write one day.”

And Bure did just that. After her break from work, she has written several books and is now a New York Times’ best-selling author.

Becoming an author wasn’t the only thing she aspired during her 10-year break, she also talked about how she grew in her faith during those years, and had a new perspective on life when she was ready to go back to work.

“I had a very different perspective going back to work, that I was back to a mission field and to honor God in the talent that he has given me and share Jesus with people,” Bure said.

You don’t have to live in Hollywood to know that following Jesus isn’t the most popular lifestyle to live out, so Bure admitted that it hasn’t been the easiest thing, but is proud of the fact that she has stayed true to her values and hasn’t wavered about her faith or left it at home, but has sacrificed a lot in her career.

“I’ve had challenges, I’ve said a lot of no’s in my career and I’ve intentionally chose to always be in family-friendly television and movies,” Bure said. “That’s what I love and those again were intentional decisions, because I was offered a lot of different roles that could’ve made me a lot more successful at the time but I knew it wasn’t right for me and I didn’t feel that’s where God wanted me. And so, I’ve just hung in there for the things that I’ve wanted and I pray through all of it and am a determined and persistent person and I hustle, I’m a hard worker.”

And she had some amazing reflections on her career that can really speak to everyone.

“I love what I do and in all of it, I do it because I really feel I get to do it, I don’t have to do it and it’s an amazing thing … where I get to share Jesus with people. I feel incredibly blessed,” Bure said.

The book signing event was planned by a local event planning company called Waco Social, which was founded by Kim Stevens.

Stevens explained how Waco Social and Candace and her team connected to plan her book signing party.

“I met Sara Merritt, senior director of marketing at Harper Collins, at a Museum of the Bible event in Washington, D.C. last fall. She was there with another of their authors, Sally Lloyd Jones,” Stevens said. “When Candace and her team decided to make a stop in Waco on her book launch tour, Sara contacted me to help with the event.”

The book signing party entailed a whole lot more than a brief Q&A session. Those who attended received a copy of “Grow, Candace, Grow,” and have it signed by Candace along with a photo with her. There was also a complimentary hot cocoa bar, delicious desserts, a succulent table and a photo booth to enjoy throughout the night.

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