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Candace Cameron Bure Comes to Waco

3 years ago

By Caroline Yablon

Many recognize the name Candace Cameron Bure and immediately think of DJ on the hit show “Full House,”but the actor is also known as an inspirational speaker and New York Times’ best-selling author.

With that being said, Waco Social is bringing Candace Cameron Bure to Waco to celebrate the release of her newest book “Grow, Candace, Grow” which launched Jan. 21.

The book signing party will take place at The Phoenix Ballroom Thursday, Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. Candace will be reading the book at the party around 6:15 p.m. and will proceed with a brief Q&A – so have your questions ready! Tickets are $30 and includes a copy of the book for Candace to sign, crafts, photobooth, desserts, and a coffee and hot cocoa bar. Tickets are limited so buy yours here before they go!

The synopsis of her book is about the main character, Candace, learning the valuable life lesson of patience through helping her classmates plant a beautiful garden.

Recently, the actor discussed her inspiration behind her children’s book in an interview video on Good Morning America Jan. 21. She explained that she always knew she wanted to write kids’ books after reading to her three kids all the time when they were little.

“I loved reading so much because not only are you teaching them how to read and how to talk and project and have different emotions; it’s just it’s such a special time and a bond with your child to do that,” Bure said. “And then I would just always have so much fun cause Id make crazy voices, crazy accents! It was just, like, the best cuddle, snuggle time. … And it teaches so much, so I loved reading with my kids.”

Bure explained how her father was a public-school teacher for over 35 years and invested his time helping a lot of kids in addition to his own and felt that he was the perfect person to dedicate her book to.

“I have so much appreciation for teachers and the jobs that they do so I felt there was no one else that I wanted to dedicate this book to more than my dad,” she said.

So go check her out at The Phoenix Ballroom Thursday!

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