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What to expect from Baylor Homecoming and Silobration

7 months ago

By Skylla Mumana

Let’s Hoco Waco! It’s that time of year again when we brandish our green and gold proudly as Baylor University brings together its students, alumni and the Waco community to show their school pride and celebrate the Bears. Baylor Homecoming and Magnolia’s Silobration are two major homecoming traditions that happen annually in Waco. Here is everything you need to know about them, and what to expect.

What is homecoming?

Homecoming is a long-standing tradition in the U.S. where school alumni return to their alma mater to show school spirit and participate in various events and activities. In Waco, homecoming is more than just an annual event, it’s a time for reunion and nostalgia as the community comes together to not only celebrate precious memories but to create new ones.

Baylor Homecoming

Baylor Homecoming will run from Oct. 23-28th. Baylor Homecoming was started back in 1909 by Baylor University President Samuel Palmer Brooks and stands as the oldest homecoming tradition in the United States. Brooks, along with faculty, planned the first homecoming event during Thanksgiving weekend and included various activities, such as class reunions, a band concert, a parade through Waco, an “old-time soiree” and a football game.

The tradition quickly stuck and grew to become a larger, more encompassing event. Now, Baylor’s week-long celebration is jam-packed with events and activities. On Monday, the week will kick off with Homecoming worship. Here attendees will have the opportunity to gather together in prayer and celebration. Wednesday will be Dinner with the Livingstones, a night full of food and fun courtesy of Baylor University President Linda Livingstone, and her First Gent, Brad Livingstone. Thursday and Friday are filled with reunions, stroll offs, worship services and nighttime shows put on by various student organizations at Baylor, the biggest of which is Pigskin Revue which features acts from all over campsu. Last, but certainly not least, Saturday will be the Homecoming Parade, alumni tailgate and

Baylor senior Sheridan Robinson has been a part of the Baylor Homecoming tradition all her life. As a Waco resident, Robinson grew up watching and participating in Baylor Homecoming events and deeply cherishes the tradition and how it connects the city.

“I think it does a really good job of bringing the Waco community together, and it’s definitely something that Waco as a whole looks forward to,” Robinson said. “I think Baylor having this really strong foundation in the homecoming tradition just connects Waco as a whole and bridges the gap between the Baylor bubble and the local Waco community.”

Alumni Pierson Luscy also enjoys attending Baylor Homecoming. As a recent graduate, Luscy feels that the school pride is unmatched, and is excited to attend again this year and reconnect with his friends and fellow alumni.

“What I love about Baylor Homecoming is that it doesn’t matter if you are currently a student, a recent graduate or haven’t even attended college. It lets everyone have a sense of belonging by just coming together by something as simple as wearing the same colors for a few days,” Luscy said. “Everyone loves the green and gold here, but having an excessive amount of school spirit is a great thing for people who want to be a part of the college experience again for just a short moment.”


Compared to Baylor, Silobration is a newer homecoming tradition in Waco. Silobration is a time to celebrate Waco, the Bears and Magnolia’s own birthday. This year’s Silobration marks 20 years of Magnolia and in the spirit of celebrating, the Magnolia website notes that this year’s Silobration will be “the biggest party ever thrown at the Silos”. Silobration will run from Oct. 19-21 and will feature their artisan vendor fair, live music, special pop-ups, lawn games, book signings and more. This year, their vendor fair will have over 50 hand-picked artisans, makers and food vendors from around the country, all eager and ready to showcase their products.


Abi Gallagher, is the artist and owner of Words for a Season, a shop that sells calligraphy and floral temporary tattoos in Dallas. As one of the many vendors attending, Gallagher is excited about  Silobration and is ready to mingle with the Waco public and share her love of art and well-wishes.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the familiar and new faces of my fellow small business owners,” Gallagher said. “The kindness and support of the Magnolia team, the amazing community, the excitement and energy of the event, can’t be beat.”

Madeline Ellis, owner and founder of MIMOSA Handcrafted, will also be in attendance at this year’s Silobration. Ellis started her business in 2008 and creates handcrafted jewelry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From rings to cuffs to necklaces and more, Ellis is excited to bring her designs to the 254 for the first time.

“We are very excited,” Ellis said. “This is our first year at Silobration and our first show in Texas, so we can’t wait for the opportunity to show our work in a different state.”

Whether you’re a Baylor alumnus or long-time Magnolia stan let’s welcome each other home Waco!