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A Season of Change

Learning to embrace new things

7 years ago

Pictured: photo by Chelsea Santos

By Heather Garcia

During a recent shopping trip at H-E-B I came across an alarming scene. As I turned the corner to the pasta aisle, I found an invasion of soup cans facing off with the penne and linguine!

I did a double take to make sure I was seeing things correctly — being six months pregnant I’m well acquainted with tales of “pregnancy brain.” But alas, there was no mistaking it. No mac and cheese. No instant potatoes. No stuffing mix. Just shelves of Campbell’s soup cans lined up at attention. Then I recalled reading a sign on my way into the store: Please excuse the mess. We’re under construction.

“Oh no, they’re moving things around,” I thought. “Goodbye, predictable shopping trips.”

Sure enough, I was greeted with more unfamiliar sights as I continued. The breakfast cereals made an appearance much sooner than usual; one aisle was just plain empty; and the entire book section had been replaced with brand new aisles.

It was saddening to walk though my beloved H-E-B and not know what to expect next. Like many people, I’m not big on change. I cling to familiar routines. Every morning I do the exact same things in the exact same order as I get ready for work. And even though I might be buying different groceries from week to week, I always have my list organized in the order I come across items at the store.

However, the change that I’m so resistant to encountering at a grocery store is something I’ve realized I truly appreciate about Waco.

One of my favorite things about Waco is how dynamic the city is. There are always new shops and restaurants popping up around town. Each year new events make their debuts in our Short List calendar. It’s an exciting place to live. And let’s face it, these changes don’t require everything to move to a different location all at once.

As Waco keeps growing, we’ve also expanded our Best of Waco survey to make room for more categories. This October we will publish the Food & Entertainment winners with several new categories to represent more of the city we love — think food trucks, kolaches, bartenders, news anchors, Waco landmarks and more.

While there are plenty of timeless Waco favorites that deserve the coveted Best of Waco recognition, I’m also excited to see which of the new establishments have already become fan favorites, earning a title for the first time.

Voting is open now, so go make your voice heard at Trust me, it’s a better way to spend your time than circling H-E-B five times looking for the sugar (Spoiler: It’s on aisle 8).

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