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A Gilmore Girls-Inspired Waco Coffee Crawl

“How many cups of coffee have you had?” “None ... plus five.” -Lorelei Gilmore

8 years ago

By Kaila Lancaster

I’ve always been obsessed with those fast-talking Gilmores. I’ve admired their gumption, their wit and their ability to consume massive amounts of caffeine. In honor of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival coming out relatively soon (November 25 — mark your calendars!), I was inspired to sample some signature brews from Waco coffee shops. I think Lorelei and Rory would approve.

Now give me some “coffee coffee coffee!”

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits

Simple menu. Elegant atmosphere. Delicious coffee. I ordered the mocha. The barista finished the drink with a flourish, adding an Instagram-worthy milky heart to the top of my beverage.

I guess you could say I like my coffee pretty and pretty tasty.

Common Grounds

Two words: Cowboy Coffee. I got mine iced and with no preconceived notions of how it would taste.

The verdict? It tasted good. Darn good. Sweet and cold, creamy and mysterious. (The words “secret sauce” are everywhere on the menu.)

Café Cappuccino-Hewitt

What do you think I ordered at Café Cappuccino?

That’s right. A cappuccino.

This wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill cappuccino, however. I decided to get a little fancy and sampled the coconut vanilla cappuccino. Delicious! Sweet and creamy and topped with what tasted like a coconut meringue, this cappuccino did not disappoint. It was a lovely end-of-summer treat.

Pinewood Roasters

First things first: Pinewood Roasters’ atmosphere (I’m talking about their shop on Franklin) was so cozy. With the exposed brick, a huge wooden door to welcome guests and artsy pictures strung on twine, I could see myself sitting there for hours and hours with a book and my laptop.

I probably will too.

I ordered the iced latte with the house syrup, a recommendation from the barista. Sweet, cold and made with a hint of brown sugar, this chilled beverage was the perfect way to cool off in Waco’s late-summer sizzle.

BRU Coffee

Talk about a cool place to get your caffeine fix. Bru’s cash register and brewing station is located inside an elevator. Not just a normal elevator — it’s sleek and has a major 1920s vibe.

It’s just so cool.

I ordered a cappuccino, another recommendation from the barista, and was not disappointed. The coffee was so full and rich that my caffeine buzz lasted a couple of hours.

That’s saying something.

Lula Jane’s

Lula Jane’s Ethiopian blend was strong, inexpensive and delicious. But the cinnamon roll I bought to accompany my steaming brew legitimately blew me away. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this cinnamon roll was quite possibly the most wonderful cinnamon roll I’ve ever had.

I still dream about that cinnamon roll and coffee combo.

Olive Branch

I sampled the 254 Roast at Olive Branch and felt immediately warm and happy all over. The roast, paired with a little cream and sugar, had a sweetness that is difficult to describe. I was sipping on something named after and brewed in the 254 area code, and it really was something special.

I felt so very … Wacoan.

I truly believe the Gilmore Girls would find Waco the perfect place to stop and satiate their caffeine addiction. With a ton of shops and bakeries in the area, every weekend can be an opportunity to discover something new and to find your very own version of Luke’s Diner.