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4th Annual Waco Family & Faith Film Festival

Four nights of fun, film & family

1 year ago

By Mallory McKeever

The 4th annual Waco Faith and Family Film Festival is back in Waco presented by the GB Lindsey Family Charitable Fund. The events will be held across several days from Thursday, February 2nd, until midnight on Saturday, February 4th. The several-day event will showcase 31 features ranging from short films to student and animated projects. These films have come from across the world to show in local Waco theaters such as the Hippodrome Theatre, Regal Cinemas and Hollywood Theaters. After the opening concert from Ozomatli and special events such as a style show, champion reception and a celebrity golf classic, the films will be presented in 8 thematic blocks on Friday and Saturday. Tickets for the film showings are only $5 and attendees are encouraged to come as a family to the festival. The feature film “What Remains” will close out the end of the film competition. Directed by Nathan Scoggins and starring the late Anne Heche, the film follows the story of a small-town pastor who must deal with the reappearance of the convict that murdered his wife 5 years earlier. Amidst a tale of forgiveness, another murder investigation stirs in town, one with a connection to both of them. Director Nathan Scoggins will also make an appearance during the showing. Be sure to grab tickets for the whole family for this spectacular event!