The Art of Charcuterie

By Brittany Ross

It seems as though every well put together party isn’t complete without a charcuterie spread. Whether hosting Thanksgiving dinner, Galentine’s with your best girlfriends, a spur-of-the-moment neighborhood gathering or simply a date-night in, there’s a charcuterie board for every occasion. Putting together a spread is (almost) as fun as eating it. You might choose the classic route with dried meats, cheese and crackers, fruits and chocolates. Alternately, you can take the sweeter path and gather a spread of treats like gummy candies, powdered sugar doughnuts, chocolates and cookies. The options are endless.

We’ve provided a few tips on the following pages for creating your own charcuterie board. Then it’s your turn to put your own spin on it. Tag @wacoan on Facebook or Instagram to show us your beautiful creations, and we’ll feature a few in our stories.


Sweet & Savory

Incorporate both sweet and savory items such as chocolates, crackers, olives and fruits.


Keep texture in mind and include a mix:
Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit
Crackers, Popcorn, Nuts
Soft Cheese, Hard Cheese


Add honeys and jams for a bit of smoothness and richness.


Provide a variety of the same item, like crackers, to keep it interesting.


Position the same item on opposite sides of the board to eliminate reaching.


Finish your board with fresh rosemary and basil to complete an elegant look.