The 254

Towne Adams

By Kevin Tankersley

Inspired Songwriting

When Towne Adams was 13, he joined his first band, a group that played punk music. What was the name of the band?

“I Don’t Know,” he said, laughing. “And we thought it was so funny because all the girls that would buy our little tapes we were making, they’d say, ‘What’s the name of the band?’ We’d go, ‘I Don’t Know.’”

Adams is now 46 and has moved on from the punk scene. He plays Americana music, an amalgamation of country and rock, influenced by the music he heard at home growing up. His dad, also Towne Adams, a longtime Realtor in Waco, listened to country music. His mother, Linda, a retired schoolteacher, was a fan of James Taylor and Bob Dylan.

“And everybody likes Willie [Nelson] in Texas,” Adams said. “It was a mixture of hippie-style music and country and then of course, rock ’n’ roll. So that’s just kind of stuck with me forever.”

Adams’ current backing band has been together for about six years. He’s the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, and he also plays harmonica. Chris Mejia plays drums; Storm Simpson plays bass; and Dave Doran is the guitarist.

Adams, who writes his own songs, says he usually has to wait for inspiration to hit before he sits down to compose.

“All of a sudden, just some ideas will come to me or something will happen or I heard something and then I’ll twist it around,” he said. “In my songs, there’s usually like three stories in each song. Most people listen and just go, ‘Oh, you wrote a song about a girl.’ I actually wrote a song about three girls. That confuses people a little bit.”

Adams’ current favorite song of his is called “Oh Me, Oh My.” It was inspired by the writer Charles Bukowski, and it involves a younger Adams meeting an older woman in a bar and “just falling in love with an old drunk woman and then she takes care of you and she treats you like trash and by the end, you still love her till this day, even though she passed years ago. That’s what it’s about,” he said. It’s not a true story, by the way.

Adams said he doesn’t remember even writing the song. He woke up in the middle of the night and grabbed a recorder he kept nearby and recorded the song.

“And then I played it back to myself. I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is kinda entertaining. And it’s good.’ And that was the second song that I ever played harmonica on. The intro is guitar and harmonica, and then it goes on to the lyrics. And I love that harmonica piece that I wrote. It’s just upbeat, everything and depressing and funny.”

Locally, Adams plays at Lakeside Tavern and The Backyard, and he’s working on putting a tour together. Once finalized, his schedule will be on his website,

Man’s Best Friend

As if not being able to tour and play during the last year wasn’t enough, the best dog that Towne Adams ever owned died recently. Zak was a pit-bull-
pointer mix, a handsome boy with light-colored fur and brown spots and a long tail. Zak and Adams met in August 2015, when Adams and a buddy stopped at a convenience store. There, a man offered them the dog, saying he just wasn’t able to care for it. “He was a happy dog,” Adams said. “He loved everybody. He was scared of cats. He had one hell of a life.” Adams is now writing a book about Zak.