Tailored Style

By Avery Ballman

Quality items meant to build memories

Pictured: Photos by Breanne Johnson, breannjohnsonphotography.com

The first thing that often comes to mind when thinking of a dad’s wardrobe are white New Balances, cargo shorts and a golf shirt. While these may be staples in many fathers’ closets, there’s nothing like a crisp, new suit, especially when celebrating Father’s Day in style. Betsy Daniels and Kate Jones of The Closet Style went to J. Hilburn Stylist Studio to dress father and son Rick and Ricky Gutierrez for this Father’s Day.

“We loved everything about the J. Hilburn experience,” Jones said. “The studio was beautiful, the stylists were knowledgeable and fun to work with and the clothing options and customizations were endless.”

Daniels said the Gutierrez’s received the whole J. Hilburn experience during their visit. Everything about the suit was custom tailored for their personal style to make them comfortable in the clothing. With dozens of swatches of fabric and buttons to pick from, the attention to detail that goes into a suit isn’t just noticed by the wearer.

Roxana Robles, owner and tailor of Couture Tailoring by Roxana, said a well-fitted suit leaves a lasting impression on others.

“A suit that fits perfectly not only enhances your appearance, but also boosts your confidence,” Robles said. “Investing in a well-fitted suit is a wise choice, as it offers long-term cost effectiveness and serves as a foundation for a polished and professional image.”

The outing not only provided the father and son with suits tailored to them, but they were able to bond with one another as they were measured for shirts, pants, jackets and even shoes. Rick opted for the navy blue suit while Ricky went for the heather gray blazer. Having the perfect suit is essential to a man’s closet because it can be worn at many special occasions such as graduation, Sunday service, Father’s Day and so much more. A tailored suit is a staple that lasts as long as the memories that were made while wearing it.

Special thanks to J. Hilburn and our models