Planted with Purpose

Owners of the 4Oaks Ranch designed a home where others could rest in its shade

By Charis Dietz

Cultivating Change

Fledgling initiative looks to change Waco environmental and food security culture through community collaboration

By Susan Bean Aycock

The Sandwich Generation

/’san,(d)wiCH, jenerāSHen/ A generation of people responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents

By Morgan Strehlow

Bright & Breezy

A couple creates a modern yet inviting space for entertaining

By Kathleen Seaman

A Place for Family

Meet four families who call Waco home

By Gretchen Eichenberg, Kathleen Seaman and Kevin Tankersley

Our Neighborhood

Meet six families from around the Waco area

By Heather Garcia, Gretchen Eichenberg and Kevin Tankersley

Devin Mejia

Financial adviser | Mother of three | Children’s advocate

By Megan Willome