Summer Style Switch Up

By Grace Elander

Bring a bold flair to your wardrobe

Style isn’t just about the clothes you wear but the person you want to become and that summer glow we all strive for is just within reach. The new season allows us to change up our wardrobe and summer is the time to invest in a new top or dress that is suited for fun and relaxation, but also for the Texas weather. Practicality is crucial when choosing your summer wardrobe; they say beauty is pain, but no one wants to be uncomfortable in hundred-degree weather. Dressed in bright colors and fun textures, Grace Messenger and Michelle Leatherwood transform into the spitting image of summer.

Some of the best days of summer are spent out by the pool. Whether you have the kids or get to have a girls’ day, the perfect outfit is the best way to boost your summer glow. The sun is out, which means it’s time for bold patterns and bright colors. Messenger is wearing a patterned floral dress that’s airy and light for the season. Leatherwood keeps cool and comfortable with a flutter sleeve blouse and denim shorts, and protects herself from the sun with a stylish sun hat.

When spending a day by the pool, a beach bag is a must-have. Keep it stylish by matching it with your sun hat, that way you get to look cute while carrying every one of your summer must-haves — sunscreen, makeup, wallet, snacks.

Now, let’s talk jewelry. A small but elegant necklace or earring is a simple trick to take your pool day outfit to the next level. Pair a simple gold necklace like the one Messenger is wearing from her line Gracefully with an interesting hoop earring design to bring out that summer radiance without overpowering the look.

Embrace the bold this season. Summer might bring change to your schedule and your family dynamic, but the change in wardrobe is up to you.
Special thanks to our models and The Collective