Stitch this Style into Your Wardrobe

By Avery Ballmann

Crochet tops make a comeback

Loop by loop, stitch by stitch, these crochet tops have worked for minimalist, bohemian and vintage styles since the 1960s. “Vogue” magazine took the leap in the crochet boom by making the classic “granny square” into a fashion staple. Crochet clothing isn’t just something your Nana’s hand make for you; boutiques, magazines and runways are now giving crochet an entirely new reputation.

Spring break is on the horizon and crochet tops are perfect to pack for your day trip or your escape to the beach. With thousands of patterns and colors to choose from, the bright shades are ideal for the bohemian style. Crochet tops also add a unique texture to help your outfit stand out.

The intricate and delicate design of this Le Lis top gives a softer side to crochet fashion and the extra details allow it to be the center of attention and not make the outfit look too busy when paired with simple pants or skirt. Each pair of bottoms selected by Betsy Daniels and Kate Jones of The Closet Style complements a minimalist style while showcasing a top with flair. Brown, black and white bottoms are a staple in every wardrobe and are the best investment you can make for yourself.

But we didn’t leave the crochet just to the clothing — we also incorporated it into the accessories. The yellow and white striped purse is a bright and fun addition to the outfit and is perfect for toting around all your Spring Break or everyday needs.

Some things just never go out of style, and according to “Elle” magazine, crochet clothing is one of those trends. Whether the top is striped, embroidered with tiny blue flowers or just a plain color, these pieces are timeless and unique. Vintage clothing cycles back into style and currently, the ‘70s fashion trends are reigning in their comeback era. “Elle” created an archive of 60 popular looks from the ‘70s and crochet outfits are in numerous photographs that seem like they were taken only yesterday. What was the trend for previous generations has come back around, so indulge in this unique fabric. The next time you hear the word “crochet”, don’t think of chunky scarves and baby hats, but as pieces you can pick up off the rack right now.