World Hunger Relief, Inc.

Nourishing People, Communities & The Land

World Hunger Relief, Inc., “the Farm” is a Christian organization committed to the alleviation of food insecurity and malnutrition through sustainable agriculture and community development.
In central Texas, WHRI addresses issues of hunger impacting populations vulnerable to food insecurity and malnutrition through the Vegetable Prescription Program partnership with the Family Health Center of Waco. Each year, they also host summer Farm Camp, the Living on the Other Side Service Learning program for high school and college students, and educational community events focusing on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and food access. Globally, WHRI has worked to fight hunger through the work of their intern training program, inviting participants from around the world to the WHRI farm to learn about sustainable agricultural and community development in preparation to effectively address issues of hunger both domestically and abroad. In its 43-year history, close to 400 alumni have graduated from WHRI to become agricultural missionaries, leaders of anti-hunger non-profits, educators and sustainable farmers. Collectively their alumni have served in 20 countries and 4 continents.

World Hunger Relief, Inc.

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