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Comprehensive Care for the Whole Family

Dr. Salvatore Pizzino and the wonderful staff at Woodway Family Dental offer an exceptional dental care experience for patients of all ages. The office is welcoming and relaxing and the well-trained staff are sure to make you and your family feel most comfortable. Dr. Pizzino has been treating patients for over 28 years in private practice. He strives for improvement on every level by attending continuing education courses regularly. This allows him to give each patient an easy-to-understand, customized treatment plan to achieve optimal dental health. The team at Woodway Family Dental have already improved the smiles of so many folks here in Waco with general and cosmetic dentistry but with Dr. Pizzino’s knowledge and expertise, he can also help relieve you of migraine headache pain as well as provide specialized treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Pizzino is truly enjoying the community here in Waco and getting to know and help so many people. If you’d like to learn more, go to Woodwayfamilydental.com or feel free to drop by the office for a visit and experience the difference!

Woodway Family Dental

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