William A. Peper, MD, FACS

Vein Surgery & Vascular Surgery

Remember — always trust experience! Dr. Peper has decades of experience in treatment of his patients suffering from conditions affecting the vein and arterial systems. He has championed the expert use of proven procedures to minimalize recovery time, post-op discomfort and treatment risk. As a result, Dr. Peper successfully treats patients with varicose vein problems, venous blood clot problems, arterial blockage, aortic aneurysms and carotid artery disease. The point of such careful minimalization of invasiveness is to make certain that the patient’s problem is taken care of completely and smoothly, such that treatment is complete and relatively easy for the patient to return to normal life. Beware “specialists” who are unable to offer the complete spectrum of surgical and minimally invasive treatment for these important issues — trust experience and training! Dr. Peper knows that if you treat something the best way the first time, it tends to have the best long term outcome. Whether in the hospital or in his clinic, Dr. Peper gauges the need of the patient and tailors his plan accordingly. When you call Dr. Peper’s office, you’ll always speak to a human being, and his staff pride themselves on personal communication for every patient.

William A. Peper, MD, FACS

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