William A. Peper, MD, FACS

Thoracic, Vascular & Vein Surgery

Remember — always trust experience! Dr. Peper has a long history of taking care of patients with surgical problems of the chest (thoracic), arterial system (vascular), and varicose veins (venous). His personal goal and chief reward has always been to care for his patients as if they were family, and he seeks the best and least complicated solution for each patient’s problem. A wide surgical expertise is so important when dealing with the body’s major blood vessels, veins and chest organs. Major problems often require major operations done in the hospital, but Dr. Peper has spent his career seeking alternatives to large incision operations, thereby conquering some major problems with much less discomfort and downtime for the patient. Examples are Dr. Peper’s work in endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms, both in the chest and in the abdomen. Also, Dr. Peper will often solve his patient’s arterial blockage problems with balloon angioplasty or stents (same-day in the catheterization laboratory), rather than large and risky/painful operations in the operating room. Treatment of arterial aneurysms, lung cancer, diseases of the lung, chest wall, diaphragm and chest cavity are squarely within Dr. Peper’s training and focused career. Dr. Peper’s well-known Vein Surgery Clinic allows him to offer complete care of troublesome varicose vein problems right in the clinic, whether using laser closure, micro removal and/or injections to close veins. Because of advanced imaging and laser technology, patients can go home within minutes. Dr. Peper is ABTS board certified in thoracic surgery, and years of experience come to bear on the decisions and techniques he uses. Dr. Peper and his friendly staff look forward to talking with patients and their families about the very best treatment plan possible. His office accepts most insurance plans, and they are here to listen and to help you. Say hello to experienced care.

William A. Peper, MD, FACS

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