William A. Peper, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Vein & Vascular Surgery

It’s much easier now for patients to undergo and recover from successful vein surgery, but you want to choose a vein surgeon who can meet the challenge of conquering complex venous problems. Don’t settle for the uncertainty of inexperience! Dr. William Peper specializes exclusively in the treatment of vein disorders. His patients benefit from his expertise, which includes more than 25 years specialty experience in the surgical treatment of vein and arterial disease. For those suffering from painful or unsightly varicose veins, the focus is on accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of these vein disorders. Dr. Peper’s knowledge and comforting interest in you means that when you see him in consultation, you’ll get an explanation you can understand and a personal atmosphere that makes you the most important person in the room. Dr. Peper offers advanced treatment options, which are minimally invasive and far superior to the old “stripping” surgeries of the past. Color Doppler ultrasound guidance, laser vein closure and “micro” removal techniques translate to very accurate treatment, a much shorter recovery time, far less surgical discomfort and prompt resumption of normal activities. Why live with the misery of those bulging and painful varicose veins? Whether you’re being treating for the purpose of pain relief or just to make your legs look younger, you will value your experience with the team. You will receive comfortable surroundings, friendly personnel and an experienced vein surgeon who’s looking out for you and keeping your best interests in mind. Dr. Peper’s office accepts most insurance and works hard to help you benefit from the healthcare coverage you have labored to maintain. Appointments may be made personally by you or on the referral of your physician. Say goodbye to painful or unsightly varicose veins! Say hello to experienced care.

William A. Peper, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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