Waco Mammoth National Monument gift shop

Of course, after visiting the site, I took two out-of-town girlfriends there this spring, and after an awesome tour with a knowledgeable guide, we hit the gift shop for a good half hour. We three longtime friends since junior high (all named Susan!) always buy matching T-shirts on our annual outings, and this year we all got Mammoth Site shirts. There are several designs, though we had to settle for different colors. Dallas and Houston Susans bought their respective new nephews little stuffed mammoths, along with several cool geodes and rocks. They also have interesting books for both adults and kids. The other two Susans didn’t even know that Waco is the site of the only known preserved nursery herd of mammoth females and young in the world. I proudly wear my T-shirt to advertise it. — Susan Bean Aycock

Waco Mammoth National Monument

6220 Steinbeck Bend Drive