Waco Foot & Ankle, P.A.

Thanks for voting Waco Foot & Ankle the Best of Waco for the fifth straight year. “We are humbled with this distinction and honored with the privilege of taking care of you and your loved ones,” Dr. Karina Loya said. The group of four experienced podiatric surgeons specialize in medical and surgical treatment of conditions affecting the foot and ankle in patients of all ages — Drs. Karina Loya, Steven Sterriker, Nealand Willingham, II and James Townson, Jr. They are proud to not only provide effective care, but also to advance care within the community — recently launching the latest in diabetic foot ulcer treatments that utilizes stem cell grafts to promote faster healing. Dr. Loya said the wide-range of advanced treatments offered are designed to combat the dangers associated with ulcers and reduce the likelihood of an amputation. “This groundbreaking alternative involves the use of amniotic tissue — a treatment known to speed healing times and generate improved results over other treatments,” Loya said. In addition to those advances, last year the doctors introduced the Heart of Texas Heel Pain Center. Heel pain is one of the most common conditions they treat, so they created this center of excellence within their facility. With multiple conditions that can cause heel pain, the doctors are able to provide customized treatments for each patient. Treatments include MLS laser therapy, various injections including PRP and stem cell therapy along with multiple noninvasive options. Problems are quickly and accurately diagnosed using digital radiology, ultrasound imaging and vascular testing. Then, a personalized treatment plan is designed so patients can enjoy an active and pain-free lifestyle. In addition to heel pain and diabetic complications, the board-qualified and board-certified doctors at Waco Foot & Ankle treat a wide range of foot and ankle conditions including sports injuries, fractures, congenital deformities, sprains and strains.

Waco Foot & Ankle, P.A.

201 Colonnade Parkway, Suite 100
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