Uncommon Healthcare Family Medicine

Connecting. Caring.

Uncommon Healthcare, Waco’s first Direct Primary Care (DPC) family medicine practice, introduces an exciting new model of healthcare delivery to Waco! In direct care, the patient and physician contract directly for primary care services within a patient-centered practice of limited size. The benefits are abundant and include extended unrushed visits with your personal physician who is committed to working with you to achieve your wellness goals, with all the perks of today’s latest technology. Patients experience virtually no waiting and excellent access allows care to be scheduled at times most convenient for you. Our practice culture is very different than that you have become accustomed to in today’s traditional practices, for all of the right reasons. Let us transform your primary care experience!

Uncommon Healthcare Family Medicine

Felicia K. Macik, D.O.
1000 State Highway 6, Suite 100