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Look closely. You can see this state’s future in the faces of students at Texas State Technical College. You can see the future wind energy technicians, cybersecurity experts, aircraft pilots and so many others. But they can’t get there alone. From scholarships to overcoming financial hardships to tools and books for class or simply gasoline to get to school, they need help. Last year, The TSTC Foundation provided more than $6.8 million for financial support, training-lab equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, impacting more than 11,000 students across 200 counties at the 10 TSTC campuses in the state. Your financial gift to The TSTC Foundation can have an impact not only on their future, but also the future of this state. Help ensure that the ever-growing Texas workforce is filled by the talented men and women receiving TSTC’s superior technical training. Call 254/867-3900 or visit TSTCFoundation.com to find out how.

Pictured: Rene Lopez, a wind technician at Duke Energy’s Los Vientos Windpower Project in South Texas, graduated from TSTC with a Wind Energy Technician certificate.
Photo courtesy Duke Energy.

The TSTC Foundation

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